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  1. Sorry, I am really asking about bottles of water or soda. Understand Princess might have recently changed the rules and now only allows cans?
  2. Sorry, I meant views as in ‘thoughts’. These balconies are overlooked from the Sea Walk but D deck is quite far down from that.
  3. Are there any views on the extended balcony cabins on Dolphin Deck Sky Princess. Presume they are under the Seawalk?
  4. Other cruiselines such as Cunard and P&O put the facility in their cabins. We have the drinks package but it would be nice to just boil up a kettle for early morning tea.
  5. Will there be teamaking facilities on Regal Princess when she is based in Southampton in 2021?
  6. Dies anyone know at what price shares are trading ?
  7. We were booked on from 19 March. Got our FCC two days ago but no sign of our refund yet.
  8. Then that is another untruth from Princess. Have read of many, many people who had cancelled cruise dates in March who have also heard nothing and received nothing. People are getting really angry with Princess and I think this will cost them a lot of loyal cruisers.
  9. Not true. Our 19th March cruise was cancelled on 12th March. Have had nothing, neither FCC nor Refund and in fact had a communication from my TA two weeks ago that if we continued to press for the refund, it could take ‘many months’. Yet I read constantly of cudtomers with cancelled cruises after our cruise date who have had both their refund and FCC. I am seriously of the opinion that we will receive nothing back and will be forced to take a short period credit notefrom our TA if we want to get any value at all out of this cancelled cruise fiasco. If this proves to be the case, then ‘nev
  10. Thanks, will try a search but not sure how to do that now. It was easier on the previous CC version.
  11. Is there a list of movies being shown currently (and over the next 8 weeks)?
  12. Excellent. Same advice as us. Have ordered a couple of pairs of trekking trousers in the sale and will wear them in all our SA ports, along with a long sleeved cotton top. We just have to update a couple of jabs and renew our passports on Monday and we are all set. Have already set up our cruise wardrobes in a spare bedroom. Only need to sort out what to do with currencies and we are all set 😀
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