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  1. Thank you for the courtesy of your response. It's always a bit daunting to go somewhere new, and it feels a whole lot less daunting with the guidance of one who knows. Your two suggestions for beaches are excellent. One last choice I'm considering is the cruise excursion to Long Bay Beach. I have an excursion credit, so the transportation through the ship won't cost me much more than a local taxi. I'd love to hear your thoughts about that beach, so that I can settle in on a choice. I'm not looking for a party vibe, I can do plenty of drinking on the ship. I like pe
  2. How was the snorkeling on Brewer's? Did you have any trouble finding transportation back to the port?
  3. Thank you, Blue_Water for the generosity of your responses. Silly question - is tipping of taxi drivers customary? Would you expect the same driver to return you to the ship at either of these beaches, or would it be just as easy to take any waiting cab back to the pier? Also - I see Finger Lakes as part of your location. Near and dear to my heart!
  4. It sounds like both Brewers and Cane Garden Bay are easy to get to from the cruise ships. Do either of these beaches offer even a bit of a snorkeling experience?
  5. I'm usually one to do my own research, rather than posting a request, but I'm on information overload and uncertain about which beach to visit during my stop at Tortola on NCL in about two weeks. Here's what I'm looking for, in order of priority - 1. Easy to get to from the cruise port with dependable transportation back to the pier 2. We're on a budget, so cost is a consideration 3. Nice sand and calm water 4. Snorkeling would be a plus I don't care about bars, shopping, or lounge chairs. Would prefer less crowds. Probably of most concern to me wi
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