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  1. I am a person of limited technology skills and with old equipment. In trying to check in on line , I seem to have encountered the requirement that I add our photos to the document- it seems to not let me move forward unless I do....I don't have the equipment or skill to do that and previously we had always printed a boarding pass without it and they snapped our photo and scanned our passports at the check in.. is this no longer an option?
  2. Thanks all- lots of helpful ideas!
  3. A neighbor has offered to come fetch us when we arrive back at Miami Port ( he'll also bring us down.) We plan to wait to be among the last off ship around 9 am as we don't have to make an airline connection or the like, but we wonder how well the plan would work- he will be in Fort Lauderdale about 40 min north. Is there a designated spot at the Celebrity terminal for non commercial cars to stop that may have a bench we could sit on?? If we had him come there at 9:30 would we be likely to be out of customs by then? We would rather not call him and have to wait a long time for him to make the trip. down... can this work?. I have a slight medical condition and have probelms standing on hard surfaces for extended periods....
  4. I'm trying to on line register / print pass and I don''t know how to add an ID photo , which it now seems to require- this is a new development since our last cruise I guess.. is there a way I can bypass the photo and have that added at port? I am just not very computer literate. It keeps telling me I need to complete the application and that is the only thing I have not done.....any way to print out the Express pass without it?
  5. Have the staff positions for Edge been announced?
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