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  1. Just visited Brandon's Beach on 9/20 it was so peaceful and amazing. We got several dirty looks from the cab drivers in the port. They kept trying to talk us into going to one of the beach clubs on Carlisle bay. They finally moved us to a cab without AC. Finally after 20 minutes they took us to Brandon's Beach. Walk outside of the port and catch a cab. Our cab driver on the way back confirmed that the taxis in port get kick backs from the Carlisle Bay resorts.
  2. Can you imagine trying to get Symphony into Key West.
  3. The kids will be bored with 10 nights on Vision. My kids after 4 nights, told us that they would much rather sail on a bigger ship. Comparing the two ships is like comparing an apple to an armadillo.
  4. Probably not in a field that requires proper grammar.
  5. Take all of the negative reviews in stride. I remember Adventure having many similar negative reviews while she was sailing out of Puerto Rico. It may just be a different experience for some so they look for the negative.
  6. They announced that the money they were spending on the licensing with DreamWorks would be allocated to AMP refurbishments. So there won't be anything new in the short term.
  7. He pulled up a chair by our family in the Windjammer for breakfast. He was totally interested in how our cruise was going. The Bon Jovi cover songs were awesome. I don't think I can tell you another captains name. But I will always remember Marek Slaby.
  8. The OP should be off the ship now. I am curious about the compensation she received. Hopefully a few more days of relaxation and she realized how trivial this was compared to her reaction.
  9. 1. I sense bitterness in the OP's post from have the original cruise on Oasis being cancelled and being put in a boardwalk room. 2. I bet it was a fantastic cruise if the crew received 99% on their evaluation. 3. How hard would it have been to find another quiet location on the ship for a few hours? 4. I hope I never reach a point in life where I am as bitter as the OP.
  10. Raise your hand if you also checked for replies everyday for 2 months and then finally lost hope. I am so happy that you came back and finished the review.
  11. Depending on the ship you can get a really large balcony on an aft facing cabin for little or no extra cost. It is well worth a little extra vibration.
  12. Vision has mostly been doing 4 or 5 while in the US lately. We enjoyed having the option between 630 & 830 shows while we sailed on her. We did my time dining so it was easy to be flexible.
  13. I bet you could get to Mr. Sanchos by 1 if you are docking at one of the two piers on the South. The crowds from the other ships will likely start to leave by 2. It could be a really relaxing four hours. I would probably make the decision once docked and I knew I could get there by around 1PM.
  14. Sorry I didn't think of that. Maybe try a google search for it.
  15. I am pretty sure the life jackets are part of their liability insurance for the inflatables. That is the only place the life jackets are required. The fake mayan ruin snorkeling area is further into the ocean than the inflatables and you are not required to wear life jackets while snorkeling. It really wasn't a big deal for my teenagers. They are also avid swimmers.
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