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  1. Thats a good idea, hadn't thought about that - have a short cruise coming up early next year might try it with one pair and see
  2. As I said, new to P&O and fairly new to cruising too!!!! Can anybody give me an idea of costs of excursions on Norwegian, Northern Lights cruises please? many thanks
  3. We were in New York this last March Pete - absolutely freezing - fleeces under jackets and thermal gloves etc., but it was glorious - don't mind the cold as long as its anticipated!!!
  4. Late October 2021 - without checking cant remember whether its Arcadia or Azura|!!!
  5. Thanks very much for the info Pete - can you tell I'm new to this!!
  6. Thank you - I did wonder if that would be the case, not a deal-breaker by any means but just good to know!
  7. Can anyone tell me if there is somewhere I can go to find a list of tender ports? Alternatively could anyone confirm if any of the following are tenders: Stavanger Andalsnes Romsdalsfjord Narvik Tromso many thanks in advance.
  8. Little bit cheeky really, but if I have booked, paid deposit, but not balance for my first P&O cruise for next year, would I be entitled to the full 10% discount on the 2021/22 prices as a 'past customer' or not? thanks, I know you lot know just about everything!
  9. Thank you all, plenty of food for thought there. Had considered dance shoes, may go down that option - something under 2 inches without a 'stiletto' type heel, Cuban or something similar would probably work. Otherwise flatter sandals would work with some things, but I'm not that tall so need a bit of height!
  10. Having spent all of my last cruise sliding around on the highly polished decks around the ship (even though I followed all the usual rules for new footwear - sand the bottom to rough it up/spray with hairspray etc.) wondered where you ladies found your evening shoes and how you stop yourself landing in untidy heaps all over the place. (Almost managed to break my hip I fell so badly at one point)
  11. I take a largish tote that I use on embarkaction/debark days and around the pool. A Travelon medium cross body bag that is almost theft proof (you'd actually have to be held up at knifepoint and hand it over for someone to get something out of it - double lock zippers and slash proof fabric and strap!!!), that I use day to day and on shore days (am diabetic so need to carry a few bits around with me that most don't!!) 2 or 3 clutch bags (again need insulin/test meter as well as cruise card and lippy, even just for dinner!!) but select them on which ones best go with what I'm taking that particular cruise to keep them to a minimum. Likewise, only ever take a max of 3 pairs of evening shoes (2 if I can get away with it) - black, silver and either gold or bronze. As for hubby's glasses - he has pockets for those!!!!!
  12. Thanks for the word of caution Phil but already booked - will have to go with the flow. The main problem is persuading him that there is enough to keep him occupied during the day on a sea day rather than anything else - sure he thinks I'm lying about the amount of stuff going on and really want him to see a ship for himself
  13. As stated earlier in the thread, not that bothered about water but as a diabetic a stock of something I KNOW won't spike my blood sugar in the cabin can be a lifesaver, but unless you have a chronic medical condition you probably wouldn't get it!
  14. Interested to know how on earth you pack for a formal night in a rucksack?
  15. Think he will cope with the tender fine, and he is looking forward to St Peter Port
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