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  1. Nationwide Flex Plus have honoured claims of 4 couples we know of, for missed ports on the autumn Canada and Greenland cruise (but missed 4 ports including Iceland and Greenland due to weather conditions). We knew that the main policy covered cruise travel, but had understood that the additional ‘cruise cover’ policy would not apply to Ambassador as it is not a member of CLIA.
  2. Kentman May not be of much help as you need a Nationwide Bank Account … but something to think about. Last spring Nationwide were happy to extend our 31 day cover for a small amount as part of an annual policy. We also have age extension, a medical condition specified and took Cruise Cover extension. As we both got mild covid and were offloaded from QM2 for 2 weeks in Miami (with many others) we needed all the help we could get!
  3. Throughout the 5 week ‘Eastern Caribbean’ cruise exercise classes varied in frequency. They were held when space permitted on ‘sea’ days in the Queen’s Room (also used for covid testing) or on deck when not too windy. Zumba was excellent with great music and held most days, as was Line Dancing. Chairobics was infrequent. I didn’t keep track, but Mareel also had some classes. Deck 7 was open almost every day for walking round the ship etc. and only closed in extreme wind. As you may know, 3 times round the deck is over a mile.
  4. Just to add to the above. 3 decks closed off for isolation/ quarantine but so many of us at Port Everglades infected that we were taken to a hotel. We believe the same happened in New York and Barbados. Cunard doing their best , but we missed the whole Caribbean on an ‘Eastern Caribbean Cruise’.
  5. Yes, fully operational. We’re on QM2. Laundrettes open too for those asking elsewhere. Strict mask wearing on last 35 nights but many Covid cases with quarantine off ship. Great cruise though.
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