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    Majestic Princess review

    My hubby didn't want to take a chance on Majestic. Cancelled our cruise for the Majestic Feb 2019 and booked on the Golden Princess Feb 2019. No role call yet...
  2. ABSOLUTELY <3 <3 <3 YOUR POST! YOU ARE TOO FUNNY!!! I just booked this cruise for Feb 2019! I had to cancel the cruise with the Majestic Princess because of soooo many bad reviews.(n) I did not want to take a chance on the Sun Princess because the battle with the Norovirus:eek: I am now trying to figure out what the best way is to get to Sydney from Melbourne..... we really want to visit the Great Barrier Reef (I'm planning on making my husband take scuba lessons with me and I have a funny feeling he will not be happy :halo:) Our first cruise was the Alaskan cruise out of San Francisco and it was so much fun. I loved the salmon fishing excursion, my only regret was not doing it with the cruise ship where the fabulous chefs would have prepared the FRESH salmon for us (The staff was sad too, because they said they get to enjoy the yummy leftovers) Oops, I forgot you don't like fish, smiles. Again, thank you so much for posting a wonderfully funny post. With all the time you spent, you should really think about starting a BLOG. Most of the blogs I read are so dry (winky face).
  3. Ship: Coral Princess Class: BD Deck: Caribe Cabin #: C626 Category: BD Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Aft Connects With Cabin #: no Accessible: no Quiet: yes Balcony Size: Regular View: FABULOUS VIEW, our balcony was curved and no divider blocking our view on the left side. Privacy Issues: not sure... Wind: Some wind Soot: None Problems: None Comments: A nice room with a great view. I wish all the ships had this balcony.
  4. Ship: Star Princess Class: OY Deck: Emerald Cabin #: E621 Category: picture window with obstructed view Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Aft Connects With Cabin #: no Accessible: no Quiet: yes Balcony Size: none View: OBSTRUCTED BY A TENDER (the better view would have been the cabin on our left side 'E619') Privacy Issues: none Wind: N/A Soot: N/A Problems: None Comments: A respectable room