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  1. Refund received on US credit card. Sailing: April 1, South Pacific on Solstice Who cancelled: Celebrity cancelled cruise Refund requested: Self-submitted cash refund request via form on March 17 Used Travel Agent: Yes, US TA & payment in USD via CC When Posted: May 15, 6 transactions from Celebrity. 100% refund to CC When Disbursed by Celebrity: May 10 but did not appear as online until May 15 as posted. 59 calendar days elapsed between requesting refund and receiving funds.
  2. That's actually a good bargain when I think about pandemic preparedness! I keep fairly up to date on my travel immunizations but may not be needing typhoid resistance for a bit. I'm wondering if my medical provider will do a drive thru flu shot/jab this fall instead of indoor flu shot clinic. I made my partner get some UPF shirts and sun hat. He looks awful in hats. The shirts will probably still come in useful when he runs out of clothes in the summer and it is very hot out since they're also wicking & no ac in the house. Hat can distract co-workers on virtual meeting
  3. Wishing you good health. Perhaps it would be a good time to step back a bit and take good care of yourself to reduce stress levels. There may be links showing stress weakening the immune system https://www.apa.org/research/action/immune Of course self isolate but this is a case where there is no time machine (I wish there were) so please eat healthy, do happy things to stay busy, sleep plenty, and call your most cheerful optimist friends & family.
  4. Actually, while I do enjoy cruising, I've always told new-to-cruising friends about the many vacation upsides along with the downsides like difficult to eradicate viruses, environmental challenges, differences in labor practices, flags of convenience/difference in oversight, and safety awareness. It's easy to hear about the awesome perks of cruise vacations. It's also not difficult to hear about cruises being vilified for a specific aspect (ie those who bash for noro but not emissions or waste discharge). It can require more individual effort and forethought to find out details of potential
  5. One of my local airport's twitter feed has been showing battery operated sprayers filled with disinfecting cleaning agents. It could be similar to plane deep clean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xSxbEqzohI
  6. Perhaps I'm not estimating correctly how many CC'ers would stitch together their own travel plans (hotel, train fare/rental car, 3-8 hour local city tour) vs book a "Italy in 14 days" package bus-type tour. I know plenty of cruisers do book airfare, cruise, pre-cruise hotel from a travel agent and rely on the cruise line's excursions. Some people like all inclusive vacations at beach type resorts or a few weeks in Hawaii. There's others who basically plan everything themselves and use the ship as transportation, lodging, and certain meals. Just pointing out an alternative style
  7. OP - If you cancel/rebook for the future and stars align to permit travel in the summer, would you think about a land based trip with independent local tours? Land based trips put more money into the local economy than cruises and for those determined to travel, it also gives people more flexibility (especially refundable bookings) to adjust plans at their own will rather than the cruise lines. It also has more personal space for most. Once people pay (saying yes), they have different considerations which generally allows the marketing department to entice them to say yes even mo
  8. They should refund port taxes and fees to credit card, right? From the FAQ: "Guest will remain responsible for paying the applicable deposit amounts, taxes/fees, port expenses and gratuities for the new booking." I was wondering if it could be applied it to an existing late 2020 or 2121 booking like a gift card value but it needs to be a new booking. Fine print at the bottom of the FAQ: " The FCC is non transferrable and may not be redeemed for cash. The FCC certificate’s value may be applied toward the cruise fare due on a new booking on the brand originally purchased.
  9. Would his workplace want him to come back in after the cruise or quarantine at home? Losing one week's vacation money might be better than losing two weeks of pay. For those who would be less impacted without two weeks pay, consider how it looks to the employer, too. My long time employer's asked us to evaluate personal travel for a few weeks and all international business travel is halted. The optics may not be great in my case if I decide to travel when the company has put travel on hold or find alternative ways to accomplish them.
  10. Wishing you speedy recovery. I imagine it will be more comfortable to do so from home. Thank you for doing the right thing. Ports have turned away ships if a number of people onboard have cold or flu like symptoms. Echoing the advice to get a second visit with a different practitioner. Perhaps a letter to Celebrity's team with documentation of the infection & bronchitis given the current world events would get at least a small future cruise credit out of goodwill.
  11. +1 more person on Sat, housemate of the Santa Clara County case confirmed Friday. No symptoms (no cough or sneezing) and is self isolating. https://abc7news.com/5976313/ https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/south-bay/fourth-case-of-coronavirus-confirmed-in-santa-clara-county/2245057/ The potential cluster cases in at Life Care Center near Seattle is a bit of more concern for proximity to Vancouver with two presumed positive. They seem to be tracing contacts for self quarantine. Still, it is a few months away from the start of the Alaska cruise season. https://www
  12. Adding the cafe was very full with a 15-20 person line to order. I also went to the bank around lunch and some Girl Scouts were selling cookies outside. Downtown marketplaces looked busy. I will note that there was a lack of hand sanitizer at Target, drugstores, and office stores last weekend. There was some giant pumps of sanitizer at Costco on the Friday before the weekend and good stock of TP at that point. It probably looks picked over right now but seeing as many people are still out and about, we're all just preparing in case we need to stay home for a while.
  13. Keeping your immunity levels up is the best thing to help you stay healthy. It can help to get plenty of rest and reduce stress. I'm a few miles north of Jim and even closer to the hospital. Today, I went out with friends to eat brunch at a popular outdoor cafe in Menlo Park, not far from where two Palo Alto students were sent home from school as a parent had come in contact with a COVID-19 positive person. https://www.mv-voice.com/news/2020/02/28/as-third-coronavirus-case-comes-to-light-in-santa-clara-county-palo-alto-unified-alerted-to-parent-exposed-to-disease
  14. I'm always for people doing more independent quality research, though not entirely from their own news preference. Bias goes both ways. Cruise ships are petri dishes and I do tell friends new to cruising that they are. It isn't a clean industry, either in bacteria or ecological impact. Funny enough my partner's biggest hang up wasn't noro or flu dangers (before coronavirus) but whether meat was being stored properly. Silversea Silver Shadow was surprise inspected by US Public Health and fined for storing raw meat in non-refrigerated areas like crew quarters. Silver
  15. The study is for comparing a communal bowl of standing wash water. Under the Conclusion: "In the absence of running tap water in most locations, provision of “bowl water” for handwashing in preschools has been a common practice within the Accra Metropolis. The current study demonstrated the presence of microbes of faecal and zoonotic origin in some of the swabs and water samples examined (except for rotavirus)" The sample size was 3 water sources + 3 hand swabs from 6 schools in Ghana*, though logic does follow that sharing someone else's wash water isn't a wise health id
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