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  1. I've booked a quad balcony on the Sun for a girls trip. We have a TBA cabin right now. We got a great price and all the "perks" we couldnt beat the price on any cruiseline. However I'm starting to second guess myself. I keep reading that the Sun does not have Pullman beds. The couch is where guest 3/4 sleep. What kind of madness is that? Even if it was a family cruise putting my two kids in the same bed would of been a nightmare. Can anyone confirm or deny this for me? I'd be willing to switch to an assigned room if it means we get Pullman beds. Maybe even upgr
  2. We are booked for Nov after they remove the open bar. I'm assuming they will go back to swiping cards like any other cruiseline. Here is my question as a newbie to this. Is there limit to what I can order example can I order a water and drink at the same time. Is there a wait between drinks? I'm very familiar with CCL Cheers which is one drink every 15 mins. The last few cruises I've been on they wont even serve a non alcoholic at the same time as an alcoholic. We did sail NCL once 3 years ago and I feel like they let me order a drink for my hubby and I at the same time
  3. I've been wondering this too. I havent used the site in 3 years so wasnt sure if it was me or the site. I booked yesterday but cant do anything with my reservations. It also says I'm on a hold however my email says deposit was paid.
  4. Just booked for Nov. 2019 of us have the plus as we got all the free at sea perks. The other 2 have the regular package. I'm not sure if we should upgrade or not for the other gals. We are all happy with the "free" selection of spirits, we are not that fancy..lol. I'm not sure if buying some water for the room would be easier than upgrading the package. We all usually carry our own cup so having ice water will suffice for the most part. I assume we can get that from the buffet or even bars. As far as the coffee part goes. I'm not sure of the difference
  5. I just booked the Sun yesterday for Nov 2019. My second NCL so I'm far from an expert on any of this. I was told by the vacation planner that as of today 6/30 that they will no longer be selling as the open bar ship. It will still be a Free at Sea offer. My confirmation say all 4 of us have the premium package and 2 of us have the Plus. I'm still trying to make sense of it all of this.
  6. Thanks for this. Just booked my first trip to GSC and have all the Cabana questions. We are 4 ladies who are ready to leave our families at home and have some fun. I'm thinking the splurge will be worth it, I know they are at HMC. I just need to understand the difference between them.
  7. Hi, I'm looking to book a girls getaway for Nov. I priced a few sailings on the Sun and Sky and they seem to be priced pretty good. I also see lots of Free at Sea offers and an Airfare offer out there right now. I've only sailed NCL once and it was about 3 years ago. I know I pay taxes on my offers so if we wont use a certain perk it may not be worth the pick all option. However I have zero idea what the internet, dining or wifi packages cost us to add on our own. I'm also intrigued by the airfare offer. It seems from my airport it will be $99 and $34 ( or some
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