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  1. Let's not make the assumption that Cuba will be closed forever. In the meantime both ships could serve as cheap transportation to the not so cheap Coco Cay.
  2. I'm one of those rare creatures who is a pinnacle who traditionally stays in a full suite. So, I have wrestled with the thought of which takes precedence. Pinnacles have earned certain benefits through their years of loyalty and monies spent and suite guest have opted to pay for what they anticipate will be a very special experience. Undoubtedly, there are a few pinnacles and few suite guests who over-estimate their importance in the whole scheme of things but most are quite pleasant people. Pinnacles tend to gravitate toward each other. We are often acquaintances from past sailings and certainly have a common bond. Seeing pinnacles group together is understandable although it was probably less obvious when there was only handful of pinnacles. It seems that when the original pinnacle were given suite perks they were thrilled with the benefits while some of the newer pinnacles tend to take them as an undeniable right. What I think is the bottom is that when push comes to shove the suite guests will still be in the suite lounge and pinnacles elsewhere. When suite guests petitioned Miami to allow children in the lounge they got their way. A few pinnacle benefits have already disappeared and eventually there could be a new level installed above pinnacle who are afforded suite benefits. On most sailings there are no problems but on the TA's and President's cruise there have been challenges. I don't know what will happen but I think we will see pinnacle benefits diminish before those of the suites.
  3. This really is amusing. Yes, according to what I have read the pineapple is now used to indicate swingers but the greater majority you'll see on the ship are entirely something else.. When Royal Caribbean first created the Pinnacle Club Crown & Anchor status some crew members were a bit confused and addressed PC members as pineapples. A few PC members, totally unaware of the swinger connotation, thought this was cute and begun wearing little pineapple pins and buying blouses, handbags, door signs and anything else with a pineapple on it. Most are sure not anyone you'd want to swing with in fact you might get in trouble for elder abuse.
  4. Correct but someone had anticipated them changing the signage from DL to CL and CL to SL.
  5. Probably not a good move for D+ members since the Ps seem to be multiplying like rabbits. They could also find themselves with only drink vouchers.
  6. That would help and since they wouldn't have lounge access why bother restricting the voucher use to the time the DL/CL is open..
  7. Are you sure? Seems like we had to turn in the paperwork as to why we were going to Cuba but filled out the Visa after we got on the ship. I think they gave us the blank Visa form when boarding.
  8. I agree that there are probably too many tiers however I believe that the could be spread out more logically. I agree with gaylemh's assertion that there are already three levels of diamond plus. Not officially naming them doesn't mean that they don't exist. That said, any rearranging of the tiers would be an absolute nightmare for Royal Caribbean and could probably only be done if RCCL adopted an entirely new system - perhaps like Celebrity
  9. Very true! There are already 8 named levels with only 76 points separating the first four levels, Gold to Diamond. An average of 19 points per level - two points less than a one week solo cruise in a JR. Having three levels of D+ makes a lot more sense than that.
  10. Sounds reasonable except I don't see them adding another level. In fact, if I were in charge, I'd get rid of a couple levels. A Concierges recently told us that in the near future the Concierge Clubs fleet wide would become Suite Lounges. If that happens then it is easy to see you premise occurring. But I am not betting on that as I've heard tons of rumors from various Concierges that still have not borne fruit.
  11. John, none of my posts suggest scrapping the 3 and 4 day itineraries. I understand that they are both popular and that they offer an alternative to Carnival. I am merely suggesting that an occasional deviation would be welcomed by those of us wanting a more enticing itinerary.
  12. Perhaps - Perhaps not. I fully agree with your basic premise but more and bigger ships are sailing every year thus the need for more and more passengers. The competition for passengers is at a point where cruise lines are tapping the Asian and European markets to fill their ships. Somewhere there will be a saturation point.
  13. That is non-sensical. RCCL has the program so that I'll do all or most of my cruise business with them.. Crown & Anchor is not a society - it is a marketing scheme. Just speaking for myself - if they told me I needed to do XY & Z to get my status back I would tell them to take their cruise line and shove it up their butt. There are plenty of other lines willing to take my money. As far as changing to a dollar based program I really don't care either way. Celebrity bases their program on the type of cabins booked. Not completely dollar based but leaning that way. Since Michael B instituted that policy when he headed up Celebrity it might happen at RCCL.
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