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  1. Thank you, would I have to do this every night or do we keep the same table?
  2. It would be for just 2 people. We’re on my time dining. I understand that the window tables are coveted, so how would I best be sure to get one?
  3. I'm sure there'll be enough for him to do on such a nice ship if there aren't any other teens. Thanks for this info, really excited!
  4. I'll be going on the 26/10/19 Indy Transatlantic. I'm worried that there may not be many other kids for him to hang around with because of the length of the cruise. What's your experience with this type of cruise? Are there many kids on board?
  5. I find the people flow on NCL really poor. Their flagship, the Breakaway class, has a pretty poor pool deck, and the atrium is super disappointing. It also feels way more crowded than say, RCL’s Oasis Class. I also feel RCL is more adventurous with their designs, and their designs are also very efficient and groundbreaking.
  6. Is it isolated from sound well? I understand it’s in between the atrium and the lido deck quite equally. We’re also in a corner aft so hopefully no sex noises through the thin walls, far away from most cabins.
  7. It's my understanding that some have had the glass staircase removed, and that they all differ in decor. What's the decor like in each centrum, and which one is best?
  8. Quantum may be newer, but Freedom still has plenty of amenities onboard, some not found on the Quantum. They're both a similar size, too. Personally I prefer the Freedom due to the superior Royal Promenade, traditional, gorgeous three tier MDR, and cheaper aft balcony cabins, compared to the loft suites on the aft of the Quantum.
  9. All very small things that actually make a big difference to the experience! (At least for my family and I).
  10. The Oasis Class is obviously amazing, but the Freedom Class is as well. What do you think the Freedom Class does better than the Oasis? I'm going to start with the fact that reservations aren't really needed for anything on the Freedom Class. It feels like you have to have every minute of your time planned out on Oasis beforehand, since reservations are needed for many experiences.
  11. Anyone every had this room? What do you think of it, and what do you think of deck 7? Is it a good deck to have a stateroom, not too loud? I would love to hear all your opinions!
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