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  1. Thanks for the replies. For information if booked on cruise with Carnival, they are not recognising Astra-Zeneca vaccinations. Read that in one of latest emails from Cruise Critic re Cruise line protocols. Some confusion arises where WHO approve vaccinations for emergency use ie AstraZeneca but as yet USA FDA not approved AZ for use in USA. All these regs are playing havoc with travel insurance, British now allowed to fly to USA but USA not accepting us. Where does that leave insurance cancellations. Hope to see some of you in Feb!
  2. I am a U.K. resident, booked for a cruise with Oceania to Caribbean in Feb 2022. I have just read on Cruise Critic Email that vaccinations from Astra-Zeneca are not acceptable when sailing from Miami. However on contacting Oceania U.K. plus on their website, it states that Astra-Zeneca is accepted, as it is WHO approved (know not yet approved in USA by CDC ? (or that may be FDA). Can anyone clear up this obvious difference in information. Who is correct?
  3. I would be interested to know if anyone feels more should be done by cruisers and cruise companies to ameliorate the effect that cruising has on environmental issues. I have just been reading an article concerning the Cayman Islands and the intention to dredge the harbour, which requires removing the coral, in order to build a jetty for cruise ships to dock at rather than having to tender to shore. I wondered what fellow cruisers thought about this? Apologies if you feel this is not a suitable topic for the forums but I needed to know what fellow cruisers think. Thanks Concerned Cruiser
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