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  1. I wish they would include suites in the sale prices...just once and a while!
  2. We sail Oosterdam on January 26 and booked a few months ago a Neptune Suite guarantee. I check each day to see if we have been assigned a certain cabin. Still waiting! Looking forward to whatever suite we are assigned!
  3. Thanks for your positive review! Hubby and I sail on Oosterdam January 26. It's only our second HAL cruise, but we are truly excited about it! We usually sail Princess, but the price for the Neptune Suite and the dates worked better for us.
  4. I am curious to find out the answer, too! I would hope they offer it as we haven't sailed in two years and it wasn't available then. I think they might have offered soy milk and I won't drink that.
  5. Thanks for sharing this information! We board the CB on November 25 and sure was hoping the free internet would still be available. Oh well...we will purchase a package plus receive our 250 minutes. We are on a 14 night cruise and I need to stay in touch with reality!
  6. 49 days until we sail on Caribbean Princess for a lovely 14 days!
  7. Have a great first cruise! You are going to love it!!!
  8. Thanks everyone! We will look at a later flight for sure!!!
  9. We are sailing on Regatta roundtrip Seattle in late August 2018. Would it be a huge rush to get a taxi to the airport and make a flight that departs at 10:50 a.m. on our return home? Thanks!
  10. This is wonderful! We are elite and it will give us the opportunity to book an accessible cabin as our disabled son travels with us often. Many times we are unable to go on a cruise that we like due to the rooms being sold out.
  11. If Princess provides a shuttle we will do that. We just don't want to do an arranged excursion.
  12. Our sailing arrives on August 6. I know we will be in Nynashamn from what I read. I know about the new walkway. I would like to know from someone who has docked in Nynashamn if they didn't go to Stockholm what is there to see n do in this port. Thanks
  13. Is there anything; shops, cafes, things to see in Nynashamn? Are you able to walk off the ship in to the little town?
  14. Thanks! Sounds very interesting!
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