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  1. Like many others on this thread, we also enjoy a feeling of quiet elegance and sophistication on HAL. We particularly value the friendliness and professionalism of the predominantly Dutch, Philippino and Indonesian staff and crew. In addition, a wraparound promenade deck is essential to us, and most if not all HAL ships have one. We like the medium size of the ships and the by-and-large stunningly beautiful interiors. We enjoy the peaceful, relatively child-free environment on board, and the large cabins and balconies, with the exception, or so I’ve heard, of the balconies on the Koningsdam?
  2. Unconventional challenge — ugh, not again - it’s become SO conventional!!! And the Christmas theme did not improve it one bit, imo. That being said, I loved the top two designs: the basket/wrapping paper one for its originality...and the tailoring!!! How did he do that with wrapping paper???! — and the red petal dress for sheer impact and shapeliness. I feel they sent home the wrong designer. I thought Alan’s skirt, at least, was flattering and interesting, and the judges needed to keep in mind that it is not snowy and cold everywhere at Christmas, so a “bare” look is not
  3. I have checked HAL’s website for evidence of email addresses for Ship Coordinators and found nothing. Can you tell me where these addresses can be found? Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much! We’ve been sailing with HAL for over a decade and never knew of that website! And that’s why I love Cruise Critic 😁
  5. This sounds like a great system! May I ask: 1. Where online can the dining room layout, with table numbers, be found? 2. How do I get access to any given HAL ship’s Coordinator? Thanks!
  6. It seems you and many others have found, as we have, that staff members’ willingness to accommodate passenger requests varies. This is why generally on these boards posters recommend developing a cordial relationship with particular staff members who seem accommodating, then, of course, tipping accordingly. 😁
  7. On our spring Oosterdam cruise, and last year’s Eurodam cruise, the policy for happy hour specials for beer/cider was that they did not have to be the same drink, but they had to be the same PRICE. Different servers may interpret the policy differently.
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