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  1. Pretty optimistic. Let's hope we can put this nightmare behind us by then. My sister has had season tickets at Broadway SF for years, and, when their shows were cancelled this spring, they were informed that their subscription was being transferred over to next year. It took a really long time to get our refund for Hamilton. They didn't issue them until after the date of the actual show, long after it had been cancelled. There was a fair amount of unhappiness on social media about the way it was handled. Perfectly understandable that they were dealing with a horrendous situation, but Broadway SF would have made it so much easier on themselves if they had been more forthcoming on their website about where they were in the refund process, and that they were actually not planning to issue refunds until after the date of your particular show. One person posted that he had given up trying to get information from them, and had told them he was going to contest the charge on his credit card. He posted the rather angry response he got from them, which said that, if he did so, his name would be removed from the queue, and he would never be able to purchase tickets from them again!
  2. A few years ago we had to cancel a trip that included the Calgary Stampede. I had never re-sold tickets before, but I put them on StubHub, priced them in the same price range as what they were going for at that site, and ended up making little bit of money in the process. We had bought great seats at a couple of shows at the Stampede for an early purchase price. The buyers were thrilled to get better seats for less money than they could have gotten by purchasing direct.
  3. Excellent! I was wondering about the NY Broadway shows.
  4. Thanks, I'm learning this seems to be the norm. I'm more concerned about a planned trip to Italy this fall (land tour, not cruise). I hope the airlines will be flexible, because we don't feel like it will be safe for us to travel until a vaccine is developed.
  5. Thanks, this makes sense. I mistakenly thought that BroadwaySF was a part of a bigger organization, and I realize, now, that "automatic refund" doesn't necessarily mean timely. Thanks! I mistakenly thought that Broadway SF was part of a larger company. I'm not in the tech world, so I was imaging a magic button you push to automatically refund all ticket holders. We're grateful for our health as we shelter at home. You take care, as well!
  6. I hope this is okay to post this here, so moderators, please delete if it is not. It is a question about ticket refunds. We had tickets for Hamilton in S.F., and received a notice from Broadway SF on March 31st that the remaining shows were cancelled (Hamilton was schedule to run through the end of May), and that tickets would be automatically refunded. Our refund has not been issued, and the response to an email inquiry was that this would be dealt with when the shelter-in-place is lifted, and staff can return to the ticket office. There was mention of limited staff currently working, presumably from home? We, ourselves, have been sheltering in place for 45 days, so the fact that the office is closed is not surprising. I guess that I (mistakenly), assumed that the "automatic" refunds would be more - automatic? Just wondering if other venues, particularly on Broadway, were handling refunds in a similar manner. Thanks, and hope everyone is staying safe!
  7. Fingers crossed things will have calmed down by then!
  8. With all of the confusion about what insurance will cover, I'm wondering under what circumstances they will cover airfare (besides the normal covered reasons, like getting sick.)
  9. https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/theater/broadway-sf-cancels-hamilton-the-last-ship-performances-due-to-citys-ban-on-public-gatherings
  10. San Francisco has just canceled all gatherings of more than 1000 people for at least the next two weeks. (Our Golden State Warriors will play home games in an empty arena.) The local news is reporting that today was Hamilton's last performance. Nothing official from the theaters yet, as this is "breaking news", but I am anticipating that my Hamilton tickets for late March will be refunded. Disappointing, but a minor concern, in the grand scheme of things. Stanford University (and Harvard) has asked all of their students to move out of the dorms, as they shift to online learning for the remainder of the year. UC Berkeley has suspended in-person classes until the end of March, when it will be re-evaluated. Just saw an article saying that an usher who worked part time at "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" at "Six" has tested positive for COVID-19. The usher is quarantined, but, after "deep cleaning" both shows will go on. Our local news also just reported that the Curran Theatre (Harry Potter) with a seating capacity of 1667 will continue performances with reduced audiences of no more than 1000 people. I am hoping that this is some kind of mis-communication, and common sense will prevail.
  11. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/coronavirus/fl-ne-broward-couple-sues-princess-cruises-20200310-k4v3xuva5zcsbbodbeht5r7654-story.html
  12. Some screen shots from our local news. 21 passengers were taken directly to the hospital. It looks like passengers walked down the ramps into the tents that were set up, and then were directed to buses. The Canadians are supposed to fly out of Oakland Airport at 9 p.m. PDT The newscasters mentioned that hundreds of others boarded or will be boarding buses to Travis AFB or the airport. Disembarkation will stop at 8 pm. and resume again tomorrow morning. Those remaining on board are still quarantined in their cabins. The headline in the 4th picture shows a news conference about the 1st Corona Virus death believed to be contracted from a community unknown source in Santa Clara County (Silicon valley - Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.) Many corporations are having their employees telecommute. There is a new legal order banning mass gatherings (more than 1000 people in attendance.) Football season (49ers) is long over, but ice hockey (San Jose Sharks) is not. In other news from California, Stanford University and UC Berkeley have canceled in-person classes, and the largest school district in N. CA is closed this week, due to possible exposure to the virus. Things are evolving rapidly in the Bay Area, as they are in many parts of the country (and world).
  13. The only times I know of when cruise ships sailed under the Bay Bridge was when they were headed to dry dock at Pier 70, between Hunter's Point and Mission Bay. There would not have been any passengers on them though. I hope it is was a bit of a thrill and entertainment for the Grand's passengers today. Those out on balconies probably got some good pictures!
  14. As you can see, it is an absolutely gorgeous day here in the Bay Area. I hope that seeing our beautiful Golden Gate (and land!) lifted the spirits of the passengers. I have sailed many times under the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge (on a much smaller boat!), and it is something one never takes for granted.
  15. Actually, in reality it’s not that simple. The getting tested part, that is. My friend’s mom was on the Grand Mexico sailing with the Placerville patient that passed away. She has been ill since her return, with cold and flu-like symptoms, which are now getting better. She stayed home and took the normal precautions for a regular illness. When she heard about the death, she contacted her doctor, and was told she didn’t meet the criteria, but she could call the county. Alameda County (where the Grand will dock) also said, given the test kit shortage, she didn’t meet the criteria. (I don’t know the details of why). She is very concerned, if it is the Corona virus, about the exposure others have had to her, including family members who work in public schools, grocery stores, etc.
  16. Thank you for posting this! Do we know what is considered “elderly” in this context? The reason I ask is that I remember reading something on these boards about information from Wuhan indicating increased risk after age 40. 😳. And the point has been made here many times over, that even if you are not in a high risk group, you need to consider whether or not you can afford a possible two week quarantine. The other question I have is where are all of these test kits coming from? I understand this is a priority, but I live in the East Bay, down the highway from where the Grand will be docking, in Alameda County. My friend’s elderly mom was on the Grand sailing to Mexico before this Hawai’i cruise. She has been sick with cold and flu-like symptoms since her return, which are now getting better. When she heard the news about the Placerville passenger on her sailing having passed away, she contacted her doctor, and was told she didn’t meet the criteria for being tested, but she could call county health. There she was informed there is a shortage of tests. She still has not been tested, and of great concern to her are the people who have been exposed to her since her return. To clarify, because she wasn’t feeling well, she hasn’t been out and about, but she has still been around family members whose jobs entail working with the public in schools, grocery stores, etc.
  17. I just learned that this friend lucked out because her TA decided to hold off on canceling the cruise.. So she did receive the email with the offer for a full refund and future cruise credit.
  18. Would this apply to passengers who already cancelled this cruise out of fear of the possible spread of the virus? Asking for a friend of a friend, (really), who cancelled this March 7th cruise just last week , because she would be considered high risk were she to contract the Corona virus. (I don't think her travel insurance was cancel for any reason.) I don't know what Princess's policy is towards people in her situation, for example, those who cancelled their spring Diamond Princess cruises before Princess cancelled the entire cruise.
  19. The TKTS app should tell you what is available at each booth. Also, by Googling the question, I just found this on headoutblog.com/tkts-broadway-tickets/
  20. We did exactly this (paid $65 extra directly to Air Canada) when our tickets are issued, and got exit row seats with 1 free checked bag. It was so worth it! Interestingly, our return flight on Alaska Air (JFK to SFO) was ticketed right away, but we ended up switching to AA, after the Alaska Air flight was changed.
  21. Also, Seaport opens at 11 a.m., which, I believe, is at least an hour earlier than the other locations.
  22. I just used Playbill for discount tickets to see "Come From Away" last month. I actually ordered them while I was standing in line to purchase "Beautiful" tickets at the TKTS booth.
  23. Just did this cruise. We had to show our passports to immigration officials who came on board in Bar Harbor. (Very long lines for this.). There were customs officials in the terminal when we disembarked in NYC but they just waived us through. No one ever looked at our luggage, and we never had to declare anything.
  24. As it turns out, the Customs people just waved us through. We had already been through immigration in a Bar Harbor, and had to show our passports there.
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