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  1. Yes - they do. The washers and dryers are free but you need to either bring or buy detergent on the ship. Greta
  2. My review is up here: http://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=51717 Enjoy!! Greta
  3. I remember seeing somewhere that listed the outbreaks on cruise ships. Does anyone know the address? Thanks! Greta
  4. Yes, there is laundry. The machines and dryers are free but you have to either bring your own or buy detergent. The laundry rooms were on 5, 9 and one other floor. Can't remember!
  5. Get the one where you get the most minutes. I ended up buying 2 $55.00 packages when i would have gotten even more minutes for $100. I had to do some stuff for my business, so maybe you wouldn't need that much. Greta
  6. We live in New Haven and rented a car from Budget that can be dropped off at the location very close to the terminal. We all got dropped off by my husband and then he went and returned the car. Worked well. On the way back, he got off with self-disembark and we waited until our color was called. He was waiting for us when we walked outside. I think the total cost was $200 plus. Make sure to get the auto fill up both ways. It's not fun to look for a gas station in the city. Have a great time!
  7. Do you have pictures? Very interesting!
  8. I took a cab to the terminal a few weeks ago for our cruise. It was under $15, but I tip even cab drivers 20%. It can take a little bit because the entrance to the cruise terminal gets backed up. Ask them to come in from the north so they don't have to take a left.
  9. ditto on the captain, he was really nice and very visible! I wrote a review of our trip ending 2/4 but it's not up yet. should have just posted on the boards. Anyone else experiencing a lag in posting of reviews?
  10. hi chayisun! We were just on the Gem (1/25-2/4) and there are fitness classes, but not as many as there used to be. Most of them are extra. I did 5 spinning classes on board and I think it was $10 a pc. Worth it to not gain weight, which I didn't! The yoga class was taught by someone filling in because I think the 2nd fitness instructor bagged out on the cruise line. I left after a few minutes because she was too strict about drinking water. Not relaxing. Ihan is the instructor, there might be a new one on there now as well. He was awesome. Tell him Greta said hi! They had some free classes. Morning stretch was nice and they had an abs class I didn't take. Nice gym. All new stuff. Have fun!
  11. The kiddie pool is so small and shallow, that I can't imagine any kid who is big enough to be potty trained would go in it. All of the kids in the kiddy pool were wearing swimmies, so don't worry!
  12. Canadian Twosome, those dumplings look good! Thanks for posting the pics. Original Poster - I liked the sushi bar. No one was in there and our family got all of the attention! It was yummy. Also, my favorite thing on the Dawn, and I have heard they also have it on the Gem, is the vegetarian INDIAN food at the Garden Cafe!! It's SOOOO YUMMY. There's plenty for everyone.
  13. Hmmm interesting. I just checked my edocs and because i booked through my online acct, they have me as a bronze latitudes member and my husband as a new passenger. Should i call them to see why we are paying the same price as each other or does this make sense??
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