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  1. Okay thanks. We thought the veranda was larger at first but started doubting myself as I looked at the deckplans more...
  2. Hi again everyone, We're booked in V8032 (similar to 8031, 7058, 6052, and 6049) on the NS and are wondering if the balcony is larger than others since its on a hump? I couldn't find anything here or on HALFacts. Thanks for any input!
  3. figures, the smoke was discussed in the one thread I didn't look at lol! Seems like they didn't really change anything. It's a shame HAL lets smoke ruin their ships... The least they could do is enclose the casino and put in proper ventilation.
  4. We are planning on going on the Niuew Statendam this March and know that the Koningsdam has a problem with smoke wafting into the Music Walk. I'm quite sensitive to smoke so it'd be nice if this isn't a problem. Does anyone (especially people onboard right now) know if HAL solved this issue on the NS?
  5. We were in 9270 on the Silhouette and it was awesome with a huge balcony
  6. Sorry about that, its the Carnival Liberty :)
  7. Okay, so my weeklong cruise-just-one-month-after-the-last-one was veto'ed... :rolleyes: And some of the others are sold-out now. I do still want to do at least a short one for some needed RandR. So revised list: 3 day Majesty 4 day Empress 3 day Sky 3 day Victory 4 day Liberty
  8. Thanks for all the help SuiteTraveler! How much of an issue is smoke from the casino in the atrium and does it spread to the rest of the ship and Le Bistro? I'm a bit sensitive to smoke.
  9. Hey all, John's wife here. Me and my son - 14 - are considering going on a cruise by ourselves during a week he has off in April. My husband's birthday is Friday, so we'd want to be back by then (he wouldn't want to celebrate his birthday onboard). I've found 4 that fit the schedule: 4 day Majesty of the Seas (Mon-Fri) 4 day Empress of the Seas (Sat-Wed) 5 day Carnival Paradise (Sat-Thu) 6 day Norwegian Escape (Sat-Fri) Obviously I know that none of these cruises will be a repeat of the Celebrity Silhouette, but I'm hoping to find the best of this bunch. The quality of food is fairly important, even if none will be as good as a higher-end line, and we'd like to avoid a too-crowded/loud/rambunctious/"booze cruise" atmosphere -- my son's an introvert and we both prefer to sit and read than go to a deck party. I like the age and amenities of the Escape but worry about the food and potential crowding. Majesty/Empress are older but could be a nice experience especially with the large windows I've seen in images -- here I'm concerned about the age (30 years!) and also that it's only 4 days so could take on a "booze cruise" feel (though it is during the week). And then there's the Paradise. It's another older ship, my son doesn't like that there is seemingly no promenade deck to be outside away from the pool crowds, Carnival's decor is... ugh, and I don't know how Carnival's food is nowadays. Thanks for any help ;)
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