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  1. I thought we might have met you at Mindy and Phil's! Seems like so long ago-four weeks, but with all of this snow and frigid temps I am ready to go again!
  2. Great review-thanks! We were on the same sailing and found the same issues with the crew, a lot of new crew members who seemed "lost". The Captain was great, I agree! We may have seen you at the Molecular Bar as well. We were a large group of 22, and we had pre dinner drinks there a few nights. Definitely the first formal night. On the second formal night, we were all dressed Gatsby style, but we ended up at the Martini bar that night. We also met Mindy and Philip and they were great!
  3. Momto5

    Balcony dividers

    I had thought of that. It would be nice if they were easier to open, so they could be opened for sailaway, cocktail hour etc, and closed in between. Don't ask for much, do I-lol! Good to know we have options!
  4. Momto5

    Balcony dividers

    I have a group of eleven couples with adjoining balconies on the Silhouette. Can we open that many partitions? I was thinking we might be able to do one or two, skip one etc. But it would be great if we could do them all!
  5. Momto5

    Fury Charters

    [quote name='marshalltp']Please note that we have twice had a wonderful time on the Fury and will be returning again on April 7th.......not to discount your experience but they are highly rated on Trip Advisor for good reason.[/QUOTE] I second this. We went last month for the second time with our four kids and could not have been happier. It was even better the second time around. To the poster that was thinking about Royal's champagne cat excursion, take into account the numbers on those cats. There were 18 people on the Fury and it was great.
  6. Momto5

    Question about ages in kids camps

    We were able to move our almost 12 yo son to the teen program on Royal two yrs ago and we were also allowed to move our almost 9 yo from the 6-8 to the 9-11 group to be with her sister last month on Glory. They said they almost always did this if it was close to their birthday when we asked on Glory. Just be respectful, explain your reasons. They did say if she was not doing ok, they would move her back down.
  7. Momto5

    Camp Carnival on the Conquest

    We were just on the Glory with four kids, our girls are 10 and almost 9. They allowed the almost 9 yo in with her sisters 9-11 group, which was a big help. However she was not allowed to go on any of the scavenger hunts since she was not 9, which occurred every day. She did end up staying during these and doing something else. Compared to RCCL, I found the hours more limited and they seemed to do less. But overall it was fine and the girls enjoyed themselves. I was annoyed that an hour or more per day was devoted to a "Build a Bear" type activity that was for a fee. this could have been done once, not every day! The most important thing was that my girls liked it and they did.
  8. Momto5

    Questions about resident rates

    I have a cruise booked on ES. Canada resident rates would be a price drop, but there is no check mark under "pick you own cabin". Is this true?
  9. Momto5

    Carnival newbie with ES question

    Yes, I was careful to compare 4H to 4H and for four people. Our balcony has not dropped. Thanks for the help. This will be a fun pastime!
  10. So I just used the fare viewer and my 4H cabin for my 4 kids is now 40 dollars less than when I changed to ES last night. I am to compare ES rate to ES rate right? Do I now submit a form? Only cruised Celebrity and RCCL before so I am new to all of this! Thanks!:D
  11. [quote name='Seago2']So.... I bring a lot of stuff on cruises because I usually drive. So 4,000 plus people, many of whom have far more than the allowable weight of baggage... And I assume St. Maarten can't handle jumbo jets... What a logistical nightmare it's going to be to get everybody back home.[/QUOTE] St. Maarten had at least three large jets (not sure what constitutes Jumbo, but the Air France and United flights were pretty big planes) land between noon and 2 pm when we were there in January at Maho Beach. We also drive when we have our kids with us and would have issues with luggage. I assume Carnival will have to pay baggage overage fees as well. Even if they don't this is going to be another costly venture for Carnival. Planes rarely fly empty these days!
  12. Momto5

    LIVE from Silhouette 2/10/13

    We had the opposite experience in January. Wifi was decent, could not even connect in the iLounge, especially the last day. When we did, it was much slower than in our cabin. I was so glad I brought my laptop.
  13. Momto5

    beverage packages

    I can confirm they were all 12 dollars three weeks ago in the Molecular Bar. Between DH and I we tried the entire menu! The only drinks we couldn't get were the martini flight, we could have paid the difference but we chose not to-we di well enough within the package! Say hi to Andre if he is still there-he was great!
  14. Momto5

    St. Martin Jewelry Store

    We went to St Maarten last month and wandered into DK Gems. They were very helpful and found me a ring that matched my band very well (yellow and white gold). They gave me an appraisal certificate for 5000, much more than we paid (although much less than the sticker price). They are a cruise ship guaranteed store, so I felt I had some peace of mind. When I got home I checked the store out online and they get great reviews. I had my ring appraised and it is worth 7200, more than twice what we paid. Highly recommend DK Gems. And there are deals to be had in the Caribbean, for us anyway!
  15. Momto5

    Silhouette Jan 20 mini review

    Hi everyone-thanks! I did not get the names of the Martini Bar bartenders. We spent more time in the Molecular Bar, sorry. We did the ship excursion to St. John. You choose St. John Walking tour or St. John Guided Shopping. The ferry leaves steps away from the ship, off the same dock. Then when you get over, they ask who really wants the tour and who just wants to hit the beach. They have taxis waiting for you to get to the beach. They tell you when to be back and you are off. We had about 3.5 hours on our own. It just felt safer-what if the ferry breaks down and you are not on a tour and can't get back to the ship?:eek: