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  1. I’m with you IVKathy all the way. I can’t sleep either and am in a horrible quandary and we are likely to lose a large sum of money. My husband is still keen to go, it’s for our 30 th wedding anniversary but I’m very worried about becoming ill or being quarantined far from home..we are from the UK. I checked with Celebrity yesterday and they said they thought of a quarantine situation arose they thought the ship would return to Fort Lauderdale. I read now though the Grand Princess is being kept at sea with helicopters delivering test kits, theatre shows and last port cancelled, 21 people sick
  2. I have a Caribbean cruise leaving in 10 days. I’m very alarmed at the situation now brewing up on the Grand Princes. My husband has underlying health issues. The numbers of cases of coronavirus are going up everywhere and it only takes one passenger to develop symptoms onboard to turn a dream cruise into a horrible situation. Also can’t really risk being away for a prolonged period as I’m a carer for a family member,Thinking of cancelling and weighing up the risks. Horrible situation.
  3. I’m also from Ireland and also going on a Caribbean cruise in a few weeks. I understand your concern. A Carnival ship has already been declined entry to two Caribbean ports due to people on board having respiratory infections( most likely colds which are common on all cruises) I also cannot cancel at this point without huge financial loss. My concerns are.. At the rate the virus is spreading it may very well be in the Caribbean while I am there. I do not relish the idea of a prolonged quarantine especially as I have an elderly relative depending on me returning in time and
  4. Well I got a standard response repeating the information I had already been given and no answer to the very specific questions I asked which were ignored. They made a statement about being overwhelmed with queries and not having time to reply. I have emailed back to say they have not answered my queries and I am still awaiting a response
  5. I have a forthcoming Caribbean cruise booked due to leave in a month. I have emailed the cruise line asking about missing ports if people have symptoms of a cold which is of course inevitable in a ship containing thousands of people. And the risk of this causing a whole ship quarantine or being stuck at sea. Wondering if they will reply... I am quite concerned about this. I can’t see how a minor cold can be distinguished from Coronavirus without testing.
  6. Yes I’m very nervous. Thinking of cancelling. 2 cruise ships currently in quarantine, one on the way to Japan now going to be denied entry due to suspected cases on board and several passengers from a ship in New Jersey taken to hospital for tests. My husband is very prone to chest infections after even a cold so I’m very sore concerned about corona virus. Also don’t fancy risking being held in a cabin in quarantine.
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