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  1. I am curious. How many people are walking around with active tuberculosis?
  2. Yes. But how times did you touch the corner of your mouth or rub your eye while playing video poker for two hours?
  3. Thank you for a very helpful trip report. Concerning the 10 drink special ... it is purchased per cabin or per adult? Gratuities included I would imagine. I all ready know that in a moment of weakness I will purchase the Deluxe drink package. Just fighting it for now.
  4. True. I can’t wait until we get some Millennial ghosts. Looking at their phones the whole time while sitting on the edge of the bed, stomping around the room.
  5. So why aren’t nursing homes haunted? Or is that a population that goes willingly into the light?
  6. Just like Jonathan Ive sitting on stage claiming the iPhone 5 was scientifically engineered to fit your thumb in stark contrast to supersized Android options. And waterproofing and wireless charging and the stylus weren’t features until Cupertino blessed them. People are going to follow suit and be tribal first and fit the facts around their chosen allegiance. I have been on four cruises each on a different line. No reason for anyone to lock themselves into an ecosystem. The luxury lines offer a level of service that would be lost on me. The mainstream lines I will sample as I see fi
  7. If securing “your” chair during your absence is so important leave your wallet, iPad Pro, cash, credit cards, so everyone knows how serious you are. Flip flops, sunglasses, towels, a ratty paperback, I will relocate every time. As will most guys.
  8. We stayed at that Courtyard maybe six years ago and long before the hurricane. It was nice, not luxurious by any means. The “Courtyard” brand felt appropriate.
  9. I would never have complained if I didn’t know better, but the Waterfront would be so much nicer with those life boats tucked away.
  10. Sailing on the Bliss next month. Would like a peaceful first meal, and I want to try Food Republic anyway. Thanks.
  11. It is hard to focus on the Encore. Find one of the beautiful photos of the ship in this thread. With your thumb cover up the areas of the Haven and Vibe. From the aft with your other thumb cover up the laser tag arena and racetrack. Look at what you have left. Once you stop laughing and or crying wait patiently for pictures of the hallway carpeting.
  12. Holland America could trade Oprah to MSC for Martha Stewart and then the older, more mature, retired folks could rejoice and enjoy their last decade on the planet.
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