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  1. Bring European adapters where you can. We were in a 2 bedroom suite on Dawn a couple of weeks ago and they had one US outlet, one uk outlet and a few European (including those next to the bed). more European than anything else in the cabin.
  2. I think you’re overselling it a little. It’s definitely at least three sick faces 🙂 🤢🤢🤮
  3. Out of interest - what made him suck? I’d assumed the worst a butler could do was their bear minimum of bring the generic snacks.
  4. Was just on the Dawn in a suite and each day we would get a letter with details of where to go for priority tendering / disembarking. Usually it would involve meeting a staff member in one of the restaurants who would escort you.
  5. There’s also a door between this bathroom / bedroom area and the main living area.
  6. You pay on board. The online reservation just reserves your time. You then pay and / or use a dining package credit when you actually eat at the restaurant.
  7. They are sold at the headliners comedy club.
  8. Not too sure as we sailed from Miami however the doors opened at about 08:30 so by the time we walked over to the building, found a porter to take our luggage etc. It was probably around 0815-08:20. We lined up outside the building. Then when we got into the building, there were chairs to sit down on which also kept the line in order for when security opened at 09:30. Doing all this got us boarding group 1 card. Then its the small matter of working out which door out of the holding area he ship boards from and running to headliners for the tickets. It sold out about 5 minutes after we go there so yes this was all necessary 🙂
  9. On the Escape it has sun loungers, big sofa type things, one hot tub and a bar. Beyond that - the obvious benefits that you probably are already aware of - I.e exclusitivity (there are far more chairs than there are people), adults only. I also found that as there were only only a few people in there (or at least this was the case when I went a couple of years ago) that the bar staff would bring you drinks when you finished the previous one. So you didn’t need to get off your chair. We got there at 8am and that did the trick. I think we were number 56 in the line.
  10. Usually the dining package will give you one appetiser, one main course and one dessert. There may be some items on the menu with an upcharge but most will be covered.
  11. I’ve made final payment and completed check in but website is telling me that I won’t get my docs until 60 days out and when the flight details are finalised.
  12. Not sure if this helps but I understand that the flight reference numbers will be on e docs which are issued at the earliest 60 days out.
  13. Thankyou all very much for your guidance.
  14. Apologies - missed including this it is the 11 night Canada and New England cruise. Sails out of NYC and into Quebec.
  15. Is there anywhere that I can find which days and times certain shows are on onboard the Dawn? cruise is already booked and I am trying to organise meals but want to take the show timetable into account. Thanks Richard
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