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  1. Well I can't do the dummy booking since you can't use the certificate to book online. You choose 3 sailings, mail it in, and then they contact you.
  2. Well p00p, but a discounted vacation is still cool! Thanks for the answer!
  3. Hi all! I just went on my first cruise last week via Royal Caribbean. On our day at sea, I decided to try my luck at Bingo. Welp, I won the grand prize of a free cruise! Once I got back home, I contacted Royal Caribbean via facebook for some clarification and was told that if I chose from the list of cruises it would be 100% free but if I didn't, it would be a $625 credit. Well, I wasn't given a list of cruises. In fact the certificate says to shop online and provide sailings based on the contingencies listed on the certificate (inside room, no holidays). But it also says "up to a $625 per stateroom total". So my question is, if I stick within the confines of the contingencies, will my cruise be covered at 100% (I know gratuities and taxes and fees are not included in the free) or will it just be a $625 credit regardless? TIA!:D