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  1. I know a man that lived in south Georgia and his ex told him he couldn't take their son to Mexico Beach (Fl) because he didn't have a passport. She also said he couldn't go to Atlanta without her permission because it was out of state. 🤯
  2. I don't know why you are so upset, he was just doing his job. I mean isn't the whole idea of acupuncture is for them to "stick it to you"? Sorry,
  3. And Flatbush Flyer says "What am I? Chopped liver?"😎
  4. This thread helps me understand how some CC members get sooo many days at sea.....
  5. Just some random thoughts and observations. Any questions I will be glad to try and answer them. http://click.email.cruisecritic.com/?qs=b86f590b9bfc64d6b6869ea2e4a6f780bab59c8e59d0f46dcbbdcbc0720076770d250a752b03b503f23ae73ca8364a08f3c293b2faddde87
  6. No, the beds didn't come apart, just the mattresses. We did enjoy our cruise but with 2 kids in the room the only times we were in there, no "bedtime gymnastics" 😴 😞
  7. On our last cruise (just off Sunday), our room steward never mentioned the survey. When our waiter started talking about it I thought "here we go" because I don't usually give a 10 for someone asking for it no matter how good they were. But he never asked for a 10 directly for himself but for his team. When I do get the online survey they will all get a 10.
  8. I agree, that is why we tried to have everything we thought we would need. I am just sorry I could not come back and report that we had this and that document and that Carnival and/or CBP said "that is great, that's all we need to verify" because they never asked for it so not sure if it would suffice. By all means, take every bit of supporting documentation you can think of that you might need because personally I would hate to be watching the ship sail away without us and think "you know, I thought about bringing that paper with me but just decided I wouldn't need it"
  9. Too late for this cruise but maybe for next cruise or help for someone else. Anyone who sleeps in the middle of bed, either alone or cuddled-up, how do you keep the mattresses from separating?
  10. O.K. We had court order giving grandmother custody, letter from grandmother giving us permission to take children out of country (notarized) and bc for each. For anyone in a similar situation, I would like to report that this worked well. But I can't, since no one even asked for anything other than bc, I'm still not sure if this would suffice if requested. But the good news is they were able to board and had a great time and are looking forward to the next one. Hopefully we will have court ordered guardianship by then and won't need permission from anyone else.
  11. Not my first but DW's first I learned a 3 day cruise is not worth an eight hour drive! Not long enough to relax and enjoy the cruise. But at least now we know she don't hate it so next time we can take a longer cruise maybe from a closer port.
  12. Thanks for all the comments. It went great, they did put a candle on the cake. The five year old got all emotional and asked "Where are we going to live next? I don't want to go anywhere else." We had to explain that this was a celebration of us being a family, not an ending. He has had a rough life in 3 years. Thanks again.
  13. Last workday today! I know, as they say, "I'm wishing my life away" but... COME ON 3:00!!!
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