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  1. All of that is on their normal menu (the pumpkin soup wasn't labeled as GF, but they left the croutons out and then it was!). And yes about the steak - I am familiar with them, so that was quite a surprise. Still tasty, just not what I was expecting. As a side note for meat eaters, the short rib starter was the favorite item of all the omnivores at the table; two said it was the best thing they had on board the whole time.
  2. It was SO SO SO good. Tied for best meal I've had one RCCL. I had the pumpkin bisque, the beet salad (both were phenomenal). the cauliflower steak (so-so; it was more an entired cooked cauliflower than a steak), and almond cake (GF option) for dessert. Definitely very veg friendly; there was another soup and another salad also that were vegetarian too. Highly recommend!
  3. Some thoughts of entertainment: Regarding the ice show, this was my last favorite ice show I have seen. I used to be a competitive figure skater, and so I understand how difficult it must be, both to skate on a rink that small, and at sea. The skaters were nothing besides badass. However, the theme was so odd, and felt really like a RCCL ad; and now! Giovanni’s table! And now! Challengers Arcade! It was cheesey and I didn’t like that one skater wore a low key fat suit (padded pants) to mimic a tourist. I DID love their featured guest who did aerial ring acro on skates; never seen that before and it was amazing. Overall, C. the Edge Effect acapella group were headliners and they did a total of three (all the same) shows and this was FANTASTIC. Fun, engaging, nicely choreographed. We loved it, the in laws loved it. Great for everyone. A+ Blue Planet; I haven’t seen anyone here say anything negative, but I saw one review that posted it wasn’t as bad as people said. I don’t think it was bad at all, and I enjoyed parts of it much more than Mamma Mia and certainly the ice show. Not quite as in your face epic as Ocean Aria, but really beautiful costuming and clever stage/lighting design. I especially loved the tree, the underwater, and the rock climbing scenes. My second favorite RCCL show on here after after Ocean Aria, third favorite overall after that and the Edge Effect. I would pay to see any of those three on land. A- Music wise, we most enjoyed the Sarah Hayes Quartet in Jazz on 4 and all of the music played nightly in Boleros. We ran across pieces of the orchestra at various times across the ship, but missed their main shows unfortunately as they happen at times when we were grieving pretty strongly.
  4. Not sure if I helps, but I also can’t stand much of the time, and never had trouble finding a seat in the Centrum (def much easier for me than the Promenade. Seats on the main level and lots around the upper levels, esp by the cafe. Hope it works out for you!
  5. Thanks everyone for your kind words. So appreciated. We were originally scheduled in San Juan till 3pm and they bumped it back to 1pm, but that was over a month ago. No other changes! I will always offer to help however I can. I read something when I was 10 about Kitty Genovese in NYC and how no one called for help because everyone else assumed someone would, and her boyfriend came back and killed her. Sound dramatic, but really informed my life view on the bystander effect. If I am able to help, whether calling in an accident, donating blood, checking in on someone crying, etc., I will ALWAYS do it. Bus tour was great. Bus had about 4 steps, which is about my limit. Both stops we had (one on each side of the island) were fairly accessible and thank goodness the bus was super air conditioned. It was about 3 hours, which was a perfect amount of time. I was wondering all of this too, esp since MrCatLady is trans and so we did a bunch a research. Apparently, folks assigned female at birth who have been pregnant (including resulting in miscarriage and abortion) have something different in their blood that means assigned male donors have a lower chance of survival in the first 3 years. There is an article in JAMA if you are interested. as far as airlift, it might have taken a while to get to us and they needed to stabilize him. Looks like the nearest flight for life cooters are in San Juan and we had left there more than 10 hours prior. Nearly level one trauma center is Miami. The Medical bay was definitely a bit discombobulated; my guess is that it was a bit more intense than they were used to. also, attaching a photo of Jasper from last fall.
  6. A few other things either in response to questions or that I wanted to capture. 1) Have not seen anything yet about a drink card. Did see something for 10% or 20% off Giovanni’s or Sabor. 2) these are the cups we were giving; one blue and one red/yellow (nice to have differing ones so we can more easily remember whose is whose. 3) Someone (guest ) departed via ambulance in San Juan. 4) All soda fountains were down yesterday so they served us canned soda in the MDR. Cannot imagine what that cost Royal. 5) Internet was down for several hours last night. Not slow but completely down. 6) About 11:30 pm there was a call over the loudspeaker that someone was critically injured and needed type O negative blood. As that is me, plus I was awake and sober, we headed down to the medical facility. Turns out, they needed male donors (and MrCatLady doesn’t know his type) and they said they needed at least 5 donors worth. We left our number in case they didn’t have enough people so he could be typed. When we left, there were 2 men down there and a woman coming to check if she needed to wake up her husband since he was O negative, and they didn’t call us, so I hope that means they got all the donors they needed. Five pints worth is a LOT (half or more someone’s total blood supply). MrCatLady pointed out it might have been a performer who got injured (I hope not) or an intoxicated guest. Whoever it is, I hope he was stabilized and air lifted to wherever he needed to go.
  7. Here is the cruise compass day 6, as well as the American icon lunch menu day 5 (not sure if it changes) and dinner menu for day 6.
  8. Hey all; I apologize for disappearing again. We did the island tour of St Maarten via bus (which was nice and chill) on Day 4, but when we got back on the ship around 12:30, we had messages that Jasper wasn’t doing well. Although the internet has been touch and go around some things (including being super challenging to upload pictures here), we were able to spend an hour with him on Facebook messenger video chat. It was time, and so a close friend took him to our vet, and we were able to talk with the vet via messenger too, and also be with him while he passed. We have be alternating between sobbing in the cabin, walking around numb, and trying to carrying on and do normal things. I have pictures of everything, but because the internet makes me compress them all before posting, there may be a little delay in catching up. So sorry. Will work on it though! Hug your fur babies a little tighter for me please.
  9. Just got an update; Jasper seems to be doing more poorly. He isn’t eating and is hiding. Feeling all kinds of ways.
  10. Just got an update; Jasper seems to be doing more poorly. He isn’t eating and is hiding. Feeling all kinds of ways.
  11. I loved Brilliance and Enchantment; cannot wait to try Rhapsody. I actually really like the Centrum model and didn’t miss the Promenade as much as I thought I would. I think at least as far as decor and fun live music playing all over the ship, Brilliance as my favorite ship I have been on so far! I hope you love it.
  12. Last thought for the night; there is much more racial diversity on this cruise than many others we have taken, and so much body diversity. As a fat and disabled woman, I love seeing so many folks loving their bodies and some of these amazing outfits! here is MrCatLady and I on matching Jellyfish outfits for Caribbean night.
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