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  1. We flew to Miami from Detroit last Sunday and back on Friday (were on the Navigator). Full flights. However, a friendly flew today from DCA to Knoxville; only 8 people on the flight.
  2. Last night, the MDR finally redeemed themselves. I ordered nothing special; just the beet salad from the menu, the paneer tikka masala and raita (From the Indian menu), and sorbet (which turned out to be rainbow sherbet), all of which were delicious. MrCatLady got the coconut shrimp (very solid), a Caesar salad, the prime rib (he was hoping for redemption from the bad cut the first night), and the bread pudding. He said the prime rib was so much better and the bread pudding was his favorite thing he ate. So full points! We gave some extra tips to folks and said good bye, and I dropped a tip of
  3. I opted not to. I am not sure what item it was and tend to be conflict avoidant. I didn’t get sick last night, so just left it as is. We debated saying something and decided not to since it was only one more night.
  4. The days we were in port and came back early to hang by the pool, there was plenty of room. It was only yesterday at sea that we had issues. we often cruise during spring break, and had somewhat less issues with crowding on the Brilliance and Enchantment. And last summer, we did the Allure (not over spring break, obvs) and the Solarium was a packed mess the whole time, so I don’t know if you can plan ahead.
  5. Today started nice and chill. Stomach was feeling better, so had toast on the balcony and read in the room for a bit. Ventured to the MDR for lunch. I was nervous, as I hadn’t preordered, but everyone was SO nice and welcoming! There were two prelabled GF vegetarian app items (strawberry bisque and a spinach salad) on the menu, but on a hopeful note, I asked my waiter Roy if there was any chance on getting a GF truffled leek grilled cheese and by golly did he come through, including with GF fries (apparently, Johnny Rockets has a GF fryer!). Best meal all week, so major show out to Roy for mak
  6. So it appears I got glutened last night, first time ever on Royal. I suppose it had to happen sometime. Dinner started ok; our assistant waiter had brought me some of the pumpkin seed rolls from WJ, and my cheese plate was there as well. MrCatLady started with the calamari, which he said was the single bet thing he had eaten since boarding the Navigator. Then I got a cold soup (maybe watermelon? It had no flavor) and he got the iceberg wedge salad, which was mediocre. Then his cod showed up (solid) and my ordered pasta Alfredo with mushrooms. Which was huge and ...odd. I wonder if
  7. Day 3! Was going to skip breakfast, but was awoken for staff drills by the ships blast, so scurried up to WJ right before they closed Confusingly enough, they had the GF sign up on a different place, and the food there was NOT GF. Always always double check folks! Luckily, John helped me out and I had some garlic fried rice (pretty dried out), some roasted potatoes with peppers (fine) and some very tasty Indian breakfast dish, I believe called Umta, along with some OJ. John introduced me to the ship’s baker, who I complimented on all his breads and rolls. That made me so happy!
  8. Me too! Going to WJ for lunch today and hoping they have more of those tasty rolls! I think his name was Marcelo or Marulo?
  9. After some time by the pool, we went back to the room. I took a shower and read while MrCatLady got some work done in the balcony. Then we got fancied up and headed to dinner; they are now calling it “wear your best” instead of formal, but we dressed up a bit because we like it. However, no lobster surprisingly, and there were college students in the dining room in tshirts and cut offs. Dinner felt a little off again. I didn’t get sick, and they did have GF bread and my ordered cheese plate, but our whole table only had 2 pats of butter, we didn’t get drink refills (or even offered
  10. Getting the most of my refreshment package. Virgin Coco Loco on the island and virgin frozen pear margarita by the pool!
  11. there are definitely a fair amount of them, and the bars in the afternoon and evening yesterday were wild with them, as well as some drunken around the pool yelling while we watched the movie. I have never seen so much strutting and peacocking and sunglasses inside in my life, and I work at a university! That being said, this ship feels pretty open and relaxed, plenty of chairs by the solarium pool (am currently in a day bed), and I think most of them went to South Beach at Coco Cay rather than Chill Island beach. Not as bad as I had suspected given that there was the whole college break recep
  12. Last night, we ended up doing Charlie’s Angels on the pool deck; I love watching movies up there snuggled under a towel and they have some nice seating options now. Plus the movie was actually much better than expected. Tried to hit EJ for a late night snack, but they only had burger type things and nothing GF/veg, so hit up Cade Promanade for some various mezze style salads and GF sugar free pineapple cake before turning in. This morning, I did free continental room service on my balcony. So relaxing! I love this, and will miss it since my next two cruises aren’t balconies.
  13. Make sure they fill out the special needs form in request, and tell everyone in the dining room she has a food allergy and to put it in her account. Talk to their Head Waiter and if that person isn’t supportive, ask to talk to the MDR manager. Some items are already labeled GF so if she isn’t a vegetarian too, she will have a LOT more options. Having an idea of what she might want to eat is really helpful too. Lastly, the first night is always rough. It gets better from there!
  14. For dinner, we have the 6pm dining time and have a great table for two by the window, as per my emailed request. Our server Richard was nice but didn’t really seem to get the allergy stuff. It took a while to get the HW and when I finally got to him, it was getting late and I was hungry and I eventually ended up with a fruit plate (fine), “cold gazpacho” (without polenta croutons) from the vegan menu, tofu with rice, and rainbow sherbet. The gazpacho had basil in it and taste like cold tomato sauce. I couldn’t eat it. The tofu was fine but nothing on the plate had any sauce or any
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