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  1. Happy to help! Sorry it's taking me so long to get this done lol!
  2. Day 5 (Thursday) - Kauai (end of the day) We headed back to the shopping center and we caught the shuttle from the shopping center to the ship. Such a great day!! NCL kept promoting the Luau for this night, but I'm so glad we did the Old Lahaina Luau on Maui and had this day to spend as we did!
  3. Day 5- Dinner at The Beach House This was a highlight of the trip. I checked when the sun would be setting when we would be there, and scheduled our reservation a half hour ahead of that time approximately. We had great seats ( I don't think there was a bad one there) and went out on the lawn with everyone when the sun was setting and got some spectacular pictures. It was a little sunny until the sun set, and pricey, but I feel the experience was worth it - and the food was great too lol. My Mai Tai... Lobster Deviled Eggs The views from our table Best picture of the night The afterglow..
  4. Day 5- Kauai (still contd) After lunch we headed to Poipu beach. We found a parking place (not an easy thing to do) and found a picnic table and put our Monkey Mats there (these things are cool - lighter weight than taking a blanket to the beach etc. I saw them on GMA deals and steals. They were also on Shark Tank). This was a great beach. There was a protected area that was pretty shallow, and then open areas where there were a lot of surfers and beautiful waves crashing in. More chickens.... At one point, we heard a car alarm going off, and turned to each other and said "wonder if that's our car lol". Well it turned out it was - someone hit our bumper and left, no note etc. Luckily we had the extra car rental insurance. We usually don't get it, but since our friends were taking the car the next day by themselves, and it was just for the car itself, my hub got it. Thank God he did, or we may still be dealing with that. As it was, our friends just dropped it off and showed it to them. We had 6:15pm reservations at the Beach house, so we changed in the bathrooms at the beach and headed that way. We had time, so we stopped at the Blow Hole just down the road from Poipu beach. If you go to any blow hole, go to this one - it was very cool. It made this incredible noise, like a giant groan. No wonder people used to think there was a god or mystical creature underneath it.
  5. Day 5 - Kauai (contd) Ok if you go to Waimea Canyon, you HAVE to eat at the Shrimp Station (if you like shrimp, that is). I had the best Coconut Shrimp of my LIFE! The Papaya Ginger dipping sauce was the clincher. There were chickens and roosters everywhere. At one point, I felt something on my foot, and looked down to see 4 baby chicks pecking at my foot! They scurried off and I fed a rooster a french fry... My coconut shrimp
  6. Day 5 - Kauai Hello Kauai! <3 This was my favorite day of the entire cruise! We had breakfast at the Cadillac Diner. The menu was somewhat limited compared to the buffet (obviously) and we were used to the buffet by this time, but it was still good. I would recommend eating here early in the cruise, so you don't get spoiled by all of the choices at the buffet lol. We headed out and took a shuttle to the airport to rent a car. We rented another jeep, a hard top this time, so only the top above the driver and front passenger came off. The car rental place told us to go back to the shopping center by the ship and prepay for a parking spot overnight, in case they were all taken later, so we did that. Turned out later that we could have parked on the street for free, but better safe than sorry. We headed to Waimea Canyon, once again using the Shaka app and it did not disappoint. We got into Waimea town and headed towards the canyon. Looking down on Waimea Town There was some amazing pull offs, each one better than the one before. The red dirt waterfall was especially cool... We got some homemade bread when we got to the main lookout for the canyon and walked up to the look out. It wasn't a big hike or anything and there was handicap access for most of it. There was a LOT of people there when we were there. We stopped at the next stop after the canyon, which was a cool state park shop etc, thinking we would eat lunch there, but weren't super impressed with the menu so we decided to just eat at a shrimp place in Waimea town that we had seen earlier. We didn't head down yet, as we knew there were more things to see going up the canyon road. We followed the app to the end of the road for an amazing view of the Napali Coast/Valley.
  7. A few more pics from Kona Coffee Plantation - completely different from the one we visited in Hilo. Honey Tasting! If you buy some and it's bigger than a liquid size carry on, don't put it in your carry on like my husband did - it didn't make it through TSA... :( The Painted Church - we just stopped for about 10 minutes, but it was a nice stop Small lava tube below a coffee place
  8. Day 4 - Kona We were scheduled to meet Mary Lou at the dock at 8:30, so I followed the directions in the Freestyle Daily (see my post above) and went to Pink's at 6 am and got 4 tickets to get on the tender between 8-8:30. We were group 3. They announced at 7:50 that group 2 and 3 could board the tender, so we headed that way and got right on a tender. Easy peasy! Here is a pic pulling away from the ship. Mary Lou was waiting for us at the dock, and we all followed her to where she had parked her mini van. The first place we stopped at was a small local craft market that was set up on the grounds of a hotel. There was some great shopping there - local handmade things. I bought some baby things for new grandbabies made with Hawaiian material, knowing I wouldn't get to a fabric store myself. My friend bought some jewelry and her husband bought a beautiful wooden knife. There was some knives with shark teeth in them. Very cool and a great place to get some local handmade items. Next we went to a beach where you could see the Captain Cook memorial across the bay. It was a nice place for some good photos. Here is the memorial. We then went to the 'City of Refuge' - the main place I wanted to go. The tikis were very cool and we had some great photo ops there too - we saw another turtle and a barracuda that is trapped in a lagoon area - he was washed in there in a storm. We also went to another coffee plantation, a honey farm, the painted church and a small lava tube. Mary Lou was once again a font of information, and very accomodating. She was going to take us to the Kona Brewery, but everyone else wanted to get back to the ship, so she took us back, but we saw a shaved ice place that was across the street, so she drove around and took us over there. We had ice cream in the center of the shaved ice - definitely try that!! We walked back to the ship and waited for the tender, while eating our shaved ice. We didn't have to wait too long for the tender, but it was about 3:30, so maybe it got busier later. The last tender was at 5pm. We went to the Margarita tasting at 5 and had a great time! They also had Mojito and Martini tastings on other nights. I think they were all $19.95 a person. We got 5 different margaritas and they were pretty good sized - not just a 'tasting'. Plus they had extras so we got a few extras.... here is a pic of the table next to ours..... We had reservations at East Meets West at 6:30 but they were backed up and we didn't get to our table until 7:15! I was excited to eat here, but we weren't that impressed. The wait didn't help any. Ended up at the Waikiki bar and then back on our balcony. All in all a great day!
  9. Thanks! You are going to love Mary Lou! It didn't take us very long at all. I'm attaching a pic of the info we had on tendering. It worked really well for us! Thanks for following and I hope you have as great of a trip as we did!
  10. I'm posting this report because when I was planning our cruise, I got a lot out of other people's' reports and so I'm hoping to pay it forward. I hope this will help some of you with your planning. Please excuse my grammar etc, I've never done one of these before lol. We decided on Pride of America for our 25th anniversary trip. Our friends celebrated their 35th anniversary this year, and we all went on the cruise together. Pre Cruise Day We flew out of central Illinois on Friday Aug 31st at 6am, landing in Dallas at 8:00 approximately. Our flight to Honolulu left an hour later, and we got into Oahu at 12:20pm. We were served lunch at the first of 3 beverage offers. We had a choice of beef or veggie wrap, with chips and a dessert. It was cramped quarters and I was pretty envious of the little cubicles in first class (especially when the lady in front of me reclined the moment the seatbelt sign went off and didn't put it back until touchdown), but I watched 3 movies and it went rather quickly for a 7.5/8 hour flight. I even got to watch an old favorite of mine, The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai (as well as the new Overboard and LaLa Land). Lunch on American Airlines flight We didn't see Diamond Head when we landed, but the view was beautiful! We were at the Ohana Waikiki Malia by Outrigger. It was a few blocks off the beach and could use some updating, but it was free and clean so nothing to complain about! Amy had told us to choose the prepaid service charges on the ship for our free option through NCL since we already had a free hotel room, and with that option we would get more bang for our buck Also, our room key acted as a free ride on the Pink Line trolley, which went to the big outdoor mall and along Waikiki beach. We jumped on it not paying attention to the route and we're on it for a good 40 minutes before we got to the beach, so if you use the trolleys, pay attention to the route lol. Our hotel room and the view later that night
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