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  1. We were to cruise in September on Magna and rebooked for August 2021 at a fairly good discount to what we were paying this year. If we booked for September 2021 it would have been slightly higher. 2021 is booking up quickly so I was surprised to find even August on sale.
  2. There is a suggested amount per day per passenger. That covers all the staff on board. You can pay in advance or on board with cash or credit card. We chose to some small bills on hand throughout the cruise to tip our fav bartender as well as some cash to tip the guides. Clearly that is not what everyone does though as many did not tip them at all.
  3. We were on AmaKristina and it was incredible. Sailing on AmaMagna in September this year. Youtube is a wonderful source for videos made by passengers. Just go to their site and search names of any of the sister ships and you will always find full ship tours or cabin tours.
  4. We are going on Magna in September so I can't speak to that but we were on AmaKristina and the distance from the lounge to the first cabins was separated by the elevator area so once you left the lounge the sound didn't seem to travel. Perhaps it is the same. Sadly for us the ship was mostly sold out when we booked Magna for September 20th and we had to take cabin 243, I believe it may be next to captains quarters but not sure so I am also worried about potential sound. Has anyone been around cabin 243 on Magna?
  5. We sailed in July so breakfast and lunch most were in shorts or sun dresses. The evenings I would describe it as country club casual. Ladies were in casual dresses or summer dress pants. Men were in docker style pants and some had sports coats on. I did not see any jeans in the dining room during the evening. In fact our teenage boys were with us and recall the cruise director saying no jeans for them. It is very casual but most tend to get cleaned up as another out it for dinner.
  6. We were on a Ponant Cruise through Croatia this summer. I would say about 50% of the ship was Backroads. We are a family of four and picked this knowing there would be a better chance of some younger people on board since the Backroads group were bikers. Well they were young but sadly for us they really kept to themselves. We had previously been on AmaKristina and our teenage boys lucked out during our July sailing and had LOTS of teenagers on board. It was a wonderful very social sailing. We loved the Croatia itinerary but really missed the friendly social aspect on Ponant. Perhaps it might have been different if Backroads mixed with the rest of us. Backroads were mainly english speaking as we are but the other guests were all French and were also not interested in mixing too much. So the ship was lovely and Croatia was but we are back to Ama in September this year for Magna on the Danube in September. We had nothing but positive things to say about Amsterdam to Basel on AmaKristina so decided we would give them a try. Backroads had all excursions included and ours were in fact extra. They seemed to be very busy though. They left the ship before we were even up and were always the last on board. Not a lot of resting other than when we were at sea. Looking forward to AmaMagna in September.
  7. We did AmaKristina Amsterdam to Basel and it hooked us on the company and river cruising. Amazing experience you will love it. We heard a bit of noise the first night when he was pushing hard up river to get us in the right spot to see castle gorge during the right time of day but other than that it was crazy smooth and quiet the entire trip.
  8. Oh thanks very much. I had trouble finding any boards or groups for this sailing so thrilled I found someone that has been on the ship. One last question, we will be with an 18 year and 20 year old. They say it is country club casual, do you think they will be fine in nice dress shorts and a colored shirt in the dining room? They say they have switched to gratuities included in our booking price but wonder if tipping is still common over and above that? Any other advice would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.
  9. Hi there, family of four on Ponant Le Lyrial to Croatia out of Venice July 29th wondering if anyone on the ship on this site? Also, has anyone been on Le Lyrial on a Croatian cruise, wondering if the waters are rough in August. Ly Lyrial is not a big ship only about 250 passengers but does say it heads into a lot of bays along the Croatian coast so hoping it isn't too rough. Anyone have an experience with Adriatic at that time of year so advise if it is typically calm or not? Thanks everyone.
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