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  1. I was under the strong impression that PVP platinum gives you the right to cancel for any reason whatsoever before the ship actually sails, even getting assigned at the last minute to a cabin you hate. If you say "I'm cancelling because my cat is sick," who's going to check up? You do, of course, only get credit toward a future cruise and not cash, though.
  2. I doubt that any travel insurance company would take "I'm afraid I might get sick if I go" as a valid reason for medical reimbursement. Really, unless you have cancel-for-any-reason you're pretty much screwed unless Princess takes pity. When you book, you agree to a set of terms that give Princess the legal upper hand. Even completely changing an itinerary doesn't mean passengers get an automatic refund. In an unprecedented situation like this, Princess seems to be pretty much foundering around from moment to moment. I find it difficult to believe they'll make passengers eat the co
  3. It may be possible, depending on the maitre d', to make advance reservations for certain hours that same night. The food is IMO better, and certainly better presented, than in the buffet.
  4. We use cash for additional tips.
  5. I was on the sailing and didn't hear a negative word directed toward Princess or the crew. In fact, when improvements in the off-loaded patient's condition were announced, there was applause all around. There will, of course, be whiners no matter what. "So what if someone's life is at stake? I don't want to rebook my flight! " The Captain was not overly communicative, but given the weather not even he knew just how things would go. Friends of ours were forced to pay three times normal for an airport hotel, but that's not Princess's fault. Pax were not offered even a token for our i
  6. Sorry, but I don't drink alcohol. I have, over the course of over 300 days on Princess, noted that there are insulting, belligerent passengers who might do well staying off the booze, but that's another story.
  7. Aww, poor Mikey. With an attitude like yours, I'm hoping you forego Princess altogether, at least any cruises I'm on. Happy sailing!
  8. Just disembarked from the Grand. There was a tableside grill in the CC area. There were generally two dinner items not on the menu, a main dish and a pasta, and getting a custom omelette for breakfast was quick and easy. Sometimes there was a special hot dinner dessert. Never had a wait for a table and they often seated just the two of us at a four-top for breakfast. Had a great waiter. Service was attentive to the point of annoying; I was asked twice within a minute how my oatmeal was. It was oatmeal. Since we have priority boarding from being elite and usually do early traditiona
  9. I booked a mini guarantee for a Hawaii cruise leaving Monday. Finally on Thursday afternoon we got our assignment, which wasn't an upgrade. Then on Friday morning I got a phone call from Princess. With three days to sailing we had been upgraded to Club Class. Go figure.
  10. By the bye, due to illness I hadn't cruised in a while and my usual routine was screwed up. I was already on a cruise when I realized I'd forgotten to file for a shareholder's credit. As per advice from customers service I sent a pdf of my latest statement to Princess and the OBC miraculously showed up a couple days later. It can be done.
  11. A great experience, and by the end of the evening everyone is very...convivial.
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