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  1. Loved it! Once you cross under the Plášťový most (the bridge that looks like a Roman aqueduct) you feel like you're in a fairy tale town. If your time is limited, don't over do things. Take the advice I saw somewhere and just find a cafe along the Vltava river, get a beer and maybe something to eat, and watch the kayakers and rafters go by. You can walk most of the rest of the town in just an hour or two.
  2. An excellent question and one I've been pondering for a little bit. Frankly there really isn't much different in preparing for our trip that I would do. My wife said that she would pack better sneakers - you do SO much walking. Your feet will thank you if you're not overly fashion-conscious! We were fortunate enough to have an excellent TA who stayed on top of things, which was very hard to do, particularly when the U.S. staff of AmaWaterways wasn't always up to speed on the changes that were made on the website or by the European staff. I don't mean to denigrate them - things were constantly changing and any large travel organization would have had difficulty keeping up. Thankfully our TA was in daily contact and always kept us apprised of things. I would say just continue to do your research and be flexible. As for anything I would do differently while on our trip, again I don't there really is anything. The experience is such a whirlwind and you have to be prepared for that. For example, we knew ahead of time that the AmaMagna had a free washer and dryer on board and we built in time during our plans to squeeze that in. Perhaps if our ship had been completely booked it might have been more difficult to do this but at only half capacity we had no issues getting the laundry room key and running a couple of loads while we were up on the sundeck cruising along.
  3. Final days in Prague and heading home. Hope posting these helps someone.
  4. Post-cruising land option to Regensburg and then Prague
  5. Linz. We did Cesky Krumlov, while another party in our group did the Salzburg excursion.
  6. Bratislava -- note that this schedule is NOT the actual one that we followed! We didn't get into Bratislava until about 10:00 a.m. Because of our late arrival, it was decided to stay in Bratislava for the afternoon, so we didn't actually get to Vienna this evening. Instead, we arrived early the next morning.
  7. Morning in Budapest and sailing the Danube Bend.
  8. Not sure how this is going to work, but one of the things that I thought would have been nice to see ahead of our trip was the Daily Cruisers for our itinerary. So I'm going to post ours in multiple posts -- this one is for our pre-cruising days in Budapest. Please keep in mind that these schedules are developed the day before, so even if you're doing the same itinerary as we did, your actual schedule may vary a bit. And even some of our schedules changed as we encountered some hold-ups.
  9. Not having sailed with AmaWaterways before, I don't really know what was provided previously, but the AmaMagna also had bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in pump bottles in the shower along with a bottle of lotion on the vanity. They also provided a shower cap and a small makeup remover kit.
  10. My wife and I sailed on the July 28 AmaMagna sailing. We had our flight changed to land in Vienna and then we were bused to Budapest. We had two days prior to embarking and spent the third day in Budapest aboard ship. There were NO restrictions on where we could go in Budapest.
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