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  1. As anyone been invited to the captains sail away party. I have been on the Summit many times and they have at the helipad. The helipad on the edge looks smaller so I wonder if they have it there or somewhere else.
  2. So sorry to hear about your cancelled trip. On the bright side you are seeing the sun. I live in the north bay (Santa Rosa) and it’s been raining the last couple days and is expected to continue for next few days.
  3. I am one of these people that checks the prices of cruises daily. We have one in May, 2021 and February 2022. I have found that there are holding steady. I seen a $1000.00 drop in January but shortly after that it went back up another 1,500.00 for my European cruise. Now it’s seems to be holding steady which blows my mind as there are many cabins still available. We have booked a Sky Suite on each cruise.
  4. I forgot to tell you to sign up for the Celebrity Captains club. It’s free and you get all kinds of benefits. The more you travel on any of Celebrity ships the more points you get. You get stuff like discounted or free laundry, free scoops of gelato, a monthly newsletter, and a lot of other discounts.
  5. I should of looked more closely as the ship I reported on was the Summit.
  6. I have only sailed on Celebrity but I can say the food was great. Even the buffet had everything you could want from salads, pasta, pizza and even ice cream. Your son will have everything he wants. The best breakfast I ever had on a cruise was on the Summit. They make everything fresh right in front of you. I love their eggs Benedict. Not only can you get food at the buffet but you can get burgers, wraps, salads, prawns, chicken sandwich’s at various other places on the ship. You might want to even try the Aqua Spa Cafe (they have a selection of healthy food and great smoothies). Pool Grill ha
  7. The only meat I never seen was roast beef, but I just went to the next station that was making cooked to order chicken or steak and then I took it over to the panini station.
  8. I was just on the Summit in December and there were lots of photos printed out so people could see or buy them. They had three digital ports were you could also look at your photos. I asked what they were going to do with the photos that people didn’t want and they said they will be shredded. I had the unlimited digital package and would go by there studio to just look over the photos they took of us. About two after the cruise ended I got an email with how to obtain all my photos.
  9. We just returned from a cruise on Celebrity Summit and found the Panini sandwiches to be great. They had all the choices of items to make your sandwich. They even had about five choices of different breads. I always made sure to get an extra one for a late night snack or a day trip meal the next day. Sometimes I would get chicken or meat cooked to order from another location and have them add this to my panini sandwich. This was great item added to the buffet. I don’t remember it being available every day but most of the time it was there.
  10. I am so glad you posted this. I had the same problem with several TA’s. I finally got in touch with someone at Celebrity and it was explained they originally wanted all the sky suites to have the bed facing the ocean. During the building process it wasn’t possible. We wanted a room with a bed facing the ocean and have the ability to slide the mirror to see the ocean from the bathroom. It took several phone calls to finally find the rooms with a ocean view from the bed.
  11. We have a cruise booked in February of 2022 and it originally went down a month later ($1,000.00 ) since we booked it on board the Summit in January of this year. Two weeks ago it went up $1,000.00 and just today it went up another $1,000.00. I got my $1,000.00 credited back on my credit card. So it is now up $2,000.00 more than I originally paid back in January. I doubt it will go down past what I paid in January of 2020. we are booked in a sky suite
  12. I have found it very difficult to find fresh flowers at the various ports. We just last visited many ports in the Southern Caribbean and was not able to find any flowers worth taking back to the ship. I would suggest to get them on board. You can go to the Celebrity website and order them now. Yes they are a little expensive but then you will have fresh flowers in your cabin all week. Usually during the middle of the cruise they remove the ones that have wilted and freshen up the rest of the bouquet so it looks like a new arrangement.
  13. Celebrity Summit use to have a cigar lounge many years ago. It is now where the retreat (formally Michael’s Club) is at now. They redid the place and it’s now a place for suite guests and Captain Club members that are Zenith. I was on the Summit in January and the only place to smoke a cigar was near the mast bar. They have chairs and tables near the bar. I was able to buy a cigar at the bar below. They have a nice selection in a humidor on the bar top. I paid $15.00 for the one I smoked and it wasn’t bad. I think the good old days of a cigar lounge are just about gone
  14. Has anyone been on a tour of castles from either Rome or Venice. I am looking for an all day tour of visiting some castles in Italy.
  15. I am looking to find a day tour from Venice to Parma. We are looking for a full day tour that would include a visit to Parma to see how the process of making prosciutto is made. We would also like to visit a cheese making operation and anything else of importance. Did you book the tour with a tour company or did you do it on your own? Possibly we could go to another town that is recognized as the best place to see how prosciutto is Maden! Thanks in advance
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