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  1. Another vote here for Bonine - works great for me. It's non-drowsy and I haven't ever experienced being sleepy while on it (and on past cruises I've taken it twice a day). My mom gets really sea-sick and it always worked for her - she takes 1 in the morning and one before dinner on sea days and one about an hour before she gets back on the ship on port days.
  2. Booked on Harmony in 2 1/2 weeks - drink package started at $56, then down to $53 and now is on sale for $50 per day. I would say that Allure and Harmony are rather comparable, so $49 per day sounds like a good deal to me.
  3. Hi all! We're booked on Harmony over new years and have opted to skip an excursion at this port. Just wondering if anyone can share their experiences of heading out of the port area here. Any good spots to check out? Any advice for this port would be appreciated! Thanks! Natasha
  4. Hi all, I just checked my cruise planner and I see that there is a sale on an excursion I have already bought. I'm new to the whole cruise planner thing, and I'm just wondering - can I cancel what I've already booked and receive a refund, and then re-purchase for the lower price. *I know you can do this for the drink package, I just want to double check you can do the same for excursions as well. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, Anyone know what the likelihood of drink packages/excursions going on somewhat of a sale for a Holiday crise? I keep checking regularly, and nothing yet. Just wondering if there's a time that these tend to go on sale - or if because it's a holiday cruise, I should give up trying to get a better price. Thanks
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