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  1. Not sure, we booked through HAL but it was a small boat, about 12-15 people. It was great being on a smaller boat as we got very close, within 15-20 feet at one point
  2. Last year we took an excursion that first went to Mendenhall then a whale watch. It was fantastic, one of the highlights of the trip
  3. Our experience in AK was that the days we were in port we typically did some excursions and didn't return back to the ship in time for our assigned dining time. On those evenings we met some new folks and our original table mates were very understanding. Go with the flow
  4. Found a dayroom at a hotel, the B Ocean. Looks nice, beach, pool, restaurants. Nice place to relax and it's only $100
  5. I had the same opinion of the rib eye in the PG. Never again
  6. Going to FLL from New England in March we fly in the day before the cruise and get a hotel for a night. To many weather concerns to try to fly in the day of the cruise
  7. For those of us not driving to the port going out of the area for lunch isn't as practical. We are on NS leaving on March 3, 2019. Our boarding passes say board at 1:00 PM. Checkout at our hotel is 11:00 AM. Since hotel is near port, it's not going to be a 2 hour trip so we end up waiting somewhere. Seems the easiest thing to do is leave hotel around 11 and get to the port when we get there, which will be early, and hope for the best
  8. As I was reading some of the posts about clam chowder in FL all I could think about was Billy's chowder house in Wells ME. Love clam chowder but rarely order it out of New England
  9. That was the case with us on HAL in Alaska last July. Just ask, I never heard anyone say no
  10. We did the 10 day on HAL, land first. Flew to Anchorage, next day a train trip to Denali, two nights at Denali with the 8 hour bus tour. All fabulous, would recommend it. Then bus to Skagway to board the Westerdam, great bus trip, so much to see including another view of Denali. Then you have a week to relax and recover. As far as weather, we boarded the first of July and it was warm all week except for the day at the glacier. Even that wasn't bad
  11. I have reserved a rental car because our flight doesn't leave until 6:40 PM. We were thinking of the everglades. Anyone have any suggestions?
  12. Do you know where you booked that? It sounds interesting
  13. There is one that goes from the ship to an everglades trip then transport to the airport. Looks like we'd get to airport early afternoon. Maybe a long lunch and a good book and call it a day
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