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  1. How far back? Balcony or indoor? If you're under the aft deck it should be quiet at night
  2. If you're in New England in the fall, on the ship or off, the key is pack layers
  3. My wife and I also skipped the meal plan in AK last year and I'm glad we did. Spent a lot less and found some very nice places to eat
  4. Just me, but I prefer to get there early, board and explore
  5. Last cruise we took in March we got there at 10:30, had the photos taken etc. very quickly and had to wait about an hour to board
  6. I've never had to call them, I've emailed and received a reply in a reasonable time. If it's anything that requires a phone call I call my TA and she handles it
  7. I always have a list of what to pack, passport is the only thing on the list twice. First and last
  8. A friend told us to pack layers and we did. The outside layer was a lightweight water and wind proof light jacket. Glad I had the waterproof jacket in Ketchikan, it is a rain forest area
  9. We went on deck at the bow while in Glacier Bay. Great view from there and the bonus was that was where the park ranger was and she added a lot of interesting information
  10. You can find stock photos online, but it's a small inside room
  11. Not sure, we booked through HAL but it was a small boat, about 12-15 people. It was great being on a smaller boat as we got very close, within 15-20 feet at one point
  12. Last year we took an excursion that first went to Mendenhall then a whale watch. It was fantastic, one of the highlights of the trip
  13. Our experience in AK was that the days we were in port we typically did some excursions and didn't return back to the ship in time for our assigned dining time. On those evenings we met some new folks and our original table mates were very understanding. Go with the flow
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