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  1. Food on HAL has been okay. Not great, not bad, just okay. Food on the Edge was good. Every meal was good or very good. No just okay meals, all were good. What we liked about dining options on celebrity was the choice of 4 venues for dinner. We would look at the menus and eat at a different one each night. We had done some premium dining on HAL but never found the need to do so on celebrity
  2. We were on the Edge in March, just prior to the end of cruises to anywhere and enjoyed it very much. With the perks it was actually quite a bit less than HAL
  3. We went from HAL to Celebrity this year also. Like you we got the 4 perks which adds up to a lot of $$$$. We also found dining on Celebrity to be better than HAL and liked the infinity balcony in concierge cabin
  4. True, but HAL does have the BB King lounge which we always visit
  5. I agree with these opinions, but I will add my wife and I did enjoy some time most evenings in the BB King Lounge
  6. It's not so much as good vs bad seating, but what you prefer. I like a table at a window so there is a nice view during dinner
  7. I did check out the roll call and you are correct. Still have plenty of time to get some tips from you Celebrity Edge veterans
  8. And I have so much to learn. We've been on HAL before and were ready to book on HAL again but after talking to our TA and doing a little comparison shopping, we're booked on the Edge for March 1 but are not at all familiar with the do's and don'ts there
  9. Someone on another forum sent me a link to this one to get more info on the Edge. We've sailed on HAL a couple times but March 1 will be our first on Celebrity and are on the Edge for a western Caribbean cruise. I'm hoping to pick up some tips as well as do's and don'ts for those of you with more experience. Looking forward to it
  10. We did run the numbers with our TA and did consider the Summit out of San Juan. You are correct on all points. I did comparison of costs with and without perks on 4 different cruises on 3 lines. As you pointed out, sailing out of San Juan does have 1 less sea day and a day in San Juan. Since we have been to San Juan a couple times previously that was a minor factor. From New England air fare to San Juan was considerably higher than to FLL, almost double in fact. Overall, the western Caribbean vs southern was 25% less. I appreciate all the advice and tips you all have provided and thank all of you very much
  11. Reviews we've seen so far seem positive. I did notice the infinity veranda is a little different than we're used to but it looks nice
  12. I did check out cruises out of FLL and booked one today. Western Caribbean on the Edge sailing March 1 for 7 nights. Thank you for the tip, I should have thought of that. Over $1,000 less than a similar cruise out of San Juan
  13. Our first cruise was Alaska on HAL and they were priced competitively then. The smoking policy has changed, no more smoking on balconies. We also did an Eastern Caribbean on HAL and felt more at home knowing where everything is. However, they do not offer the free perks that celebrity does which does make celebrity a better deal overall. Maybe time to check out other options
  14. That is a great idea, thank you very much. I think I know what I'll be doing for the next couple hours
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