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  1. Hi there, We are in Ilderton which is 5 min North of London . It s a very small community. New Hamburg is East of London towards Kitchener.
  2. Hello fellow Cruisers, We are from London Canada and like everywhere else we are in the Social Distancing Mode. My Mother and I have a cruise booked on the Enchanted in Sept . so praying that our lives return to normal or as normal as it can be before that time. I live in a rural community just outside London, so distancing is very easy . My two yellow labs are getting me out for walks and are the best company as my husband must still go to work ( Hydro Electrify Worker). One thing that Ive been doing is getting my pictures of past cruises out and really looking at them !! What an upper !!! Try it yourself !! You'll be amazed how those lovely 'cruisin ' feelings' come rushing back !!! AHHHHHHH BE WELL EVERYONE !!
  3. Mine is excellent as well. I like the way its all looked after in a nice neat pkg. She also fought for us when a portion of our return flight home was cancelled. $ back for us.
  4. That I don't know...but if you good search bike rentals in Bar Harbor I'll bet you'll find the place . Its on the Main Road from the port .
  5. Is Plato Gialos a Beach Club, or just a place ? How to get there from Port? thanks ~
  6. Oh I see ! Well it looks like you are set up nicely for a wonderful cruise !! Happy Sailing !
  7. I also changed a previously booked cruise to BSE but did not get 2 bottles of wine and specialty dining . Just Bev Pkg, Free WiFi and Gratuities. How did you score the other perks?
  8. We discovered an Electric Bike Rental in Bar Harbor but just a little bit too late to actually go . Its $50 / 4 hours rental . The one way park loop is 2 hours without stopping but of course you'll want to stop . Next trip booked in 2021 , this is our top priority ~
  9. Thank you so much ~ Going in Sept on a Med . Cruise for the first time and I feeling I have lots of homework to do ~ fun fun
  10. Where do I find what you described above ? 'Ports of Call Main Board etc? Thanks in advance ~
  11. oh god how I miss spending time around this pool !! Got Cabanas a few times and felt like a queen !!
  12. One year we did a b2b( 2 different itineraries though) at Everglades and it was a big bummer that Port Port Authority made us get off the ship , go sit in this big room for about two hours before being let back on. Ive heard that this done randomly with ships in port . Sometimes you get to stay on but go to the Theatre to be checked in with Port Authority . In our case the dice was not in our favour ! The upside was that we did not have to attend the Safety briefing on the second sailing .
  13. Yes I noticed MUCH LESS paper delivered to our cabin in Sept and I assumed it had to do with it being a Medallion Cruise. It was refreshing not to be dealing with it !!
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