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  1. We’re on that cruise right now and as far as what the ship knows, we are still stopping in Cabo on Monday and then will finish the cruise in San Francisco on Thursday. Now, what the actual disembarkation will look like, who knows. So far no one is sick on board and they ave been cleaning the ship like crazy, so hopefully it stays that way.
  2. Just posted some post dry dock pictures on another thread. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2661067-miracle-dry-dock-2020/?do=findComment&comment=59561337
  3. On board now. Looks like new carpet in cabin and a lot of the public areas. No other changes in the cabin. Most public areas have either new or reupholstered furniture. New Waterworks, Guys Burgers , Blue Iguana Cantina, Blue Iguana Tequila Bar and Red Frog Rum Bar. Haven't seen any other changes yet but only been on board for a couple hours
  4. My brother just got on a Disney ship yesterday that was also delayed returning to port because of the weather. He said a crew member told him it was the worse storm they had been in for years. He also said it was rough last night leaving port and that the dining room was only half full. Lots of hazmat cleanup crews around.
  5. So you’d be OK showing up for your cruise and going to completely different ports than you were expecting? OP didn’t dispute that they COULD change the ports, rather that they did and didn’t tell him. I think a simple email notification in this circumstance isn’t unreasonable and in fact should be expected.
  6. Wondering how much I should tip the guy that puts my bag into the hold of the plane and how do I get the money to him. Tipping is is getting out of hand. Isn’t the whole purpose of his job to take your bag and put it on a cart? That’s what he gets paid for, right? Why do we feel we have to tip him for doing that, it takes literally 30 seconds to do. I get tipping a waiter that has spent an hour or two personally looking after you and making sure your have an enjoyable meal but a guy that puts your bag on a cart.......
  7. Sure it does. To receive something for "free" when you need to pay something, hence, it's not free anymore. Deceptive advertising. Explain to me how you are able to obtain the drink package for free? How do I go get a drink using my drink package without it costing me anything? I can't. I can;t have the automatic gratuity removed and choose to tip in cash. Doesn't matter what the reason is for an additional cost, it's still an additional cost and is no longer free. If they had advertised it as drink package for just $20/day, that's not deceptive advertising. Free wifi is free, no deceptive adv
  8. If you're at an all inclusive resort do you expect them to add on a 20% gratuity to your rate? Do you expect them to add on a daily fee for having your room cleaned and to cover tips for the waiters? I haven't been to one in a number of years but pretty sure, all inclusive is exactly that, all inclusive. If they don't, do you tip 20% of the resort cost of a drink on every free drink you get? Cruise lines should be mandated, just like airlines, to include all costs in the price of their ticket. IMHO. It's just deceptive advertising otherwise. Of course I pay the daily gratuities on a cruise, I'
  9. Well, while that is a pretty snarky response, I for one am actually really considering your sweet offer. I very much dislike the direction NCL is taking with including a good portion of all their "free'"offers in the base price of their fares. Just compare a sail away cabin price with no "free" things to a "choose your cabin" fare. I just looked at a random 7 night Breakaway cruise from Miami in November. Sail away Balcony price, no "free" goodies, $909. Cheapest Forward Balcony that you choose, $1418! That's 50% more expensive, BEFORE the mandatory gratuities. So, correct me if I'm wrong, bu
  10. I'm sure it definitely depends on the specific cruise you're looking at. More exotic or less frequent cruises probably don't drop in price, but commodity cruises have all generally seemed to have large price drops closer to sailing date. It's definitely a gamble to wait, and doesn't make sense for a lot, especially if airfare is needed, but the size of the price drops on NCL has seeemd to have been quite different than the other mass market lines. And I can't say I'm a big fan of the larger price difference you get between a GTY with no perks, to a cabin you choose with perks. Why can't I just
  11. Looking at how NCL’s pricing model has changed over the last couple of years, wonder if people will catch on and stop booking way out and wait until a lot closer to the sailing date when prices are seemingly dropping substantially? Ive also noticed that when pricing out a few different cruises for next year, the pricing with the so called “free offers” vs a GTY cabin that comes with no free offers is quite considerable, and makes those free offers seem not so free. I know that you ave always been able to get a GTY cabin for cheaper than a cabin you choose, but the price differenc
  12. Is it really? Does the waiter or waitress work harder at the higher end restaurant? Do you get better service when they bring you a $100 bottle of wine rather than a $50 bottle, because it will cost you twice the tip. Or they bring you a plate of surf and turf vs a plate of pasta? One plate, twice the tip. Makes no sense.
  13. If a tip is “expected “, then it’s not a tip but a service charge. Call it that. Ive also never understood the idea of tipping as a percentage of a bill. How does the cost of something relate to the quality of service you receive?
  14. From another thread: According to some of the staff officers I talked to at the D&P party on Miracle several months ago, they are planning to add the 2.0 bars and restaurants on Lido during the next dry dock. They did not know if they would be adding an outdoor TV like on Pride and Spirit when I asked about that. 
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