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  1. Netosha

    Princess Cays and PRICES question

    Thanks! I just ordered my family some!! We will just take our own too!
  2. So I found an "excursion" for the PC island. It's $64.99 for the family of 4, all day on the beach with snorkel gear, locker rental and Paddle Wheeler. I am just wondering if anyone knows prices for the snorkeling gear rental and locker rental at PC. I think I saw it was $25 a person. I may be wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. What are some tips you would offer for a first time cruiser?
  4. Netosha

    Anytime Dining?

    Thanks! Ecstasy
  5. Netosha

    Anytime Dining?

    I just booked a cruise for 41 days from now!! The only thing left was anytime dining. We normally get early, because we have kids and want them to get to bed earlier. How exactly does it work? We show up and Hope they have a table available?
  6. Which do you prefer when booking? pros and cons?
  7. Netosha

    Photos on Ecstasy

    Can someone tell me the price of the photos on the Ecstasy? Do they offer a photo package?
  8. Netosha

    Guest Relations

    I saw a post on Pinterest that you can get a free deck of cards from Guest Relations. Any other freebies? :D
  9. Netosha


    Will Carnival do anything special for anniversaries?
  10. Netosha

    Nassau-what to do?

    suggestions on things to do with two kids (13&11)
  11. Netosha

    Princess Cays

    What is the best thing to do there with a family. I have two boys 13 and 10. Thanks!
  12. Netosha

    Door decorations

    Awesome! Thanks for the replies! As a BOY MOM, I am sure they could care less (11 and 13). But I think it would be a fun addition! :)
  13. Netosha

    Door decorations

    A friend just took a Disney cruise and I saw that they all decorated their doors. Do people on Carnival? I think it would be fun but don’t want to be the only one. If you do, post a pic!!:)
  14. I just booked my family a cruise for March! I am super excited!! We haven't been on one in 5 years. I have a few questions. If you add tip to your bill, does that cover everyone? Or do I need to bring cash to tip while on board? Like roomservice? Before when I booked our cruise the price kept dropping and I called to have it adjusted. Do they still do this?