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  1. Oh, my gosh! I LITERALLY just put a similar post on the Celebrity page!
  2. We have sailed many times on Princess. Overall satisfied, but looking to see what else is out there. For those who have sailed both Princess and Celebrity, what are the big differences, if any, that you have experienced?
  3. Off the ship yesterday in Seattle. All in all, it was a great trip! Ship is in good repair, food was fine, service from all staff we interacted with was excellent, and we had PLENTY of butter at every single meal! Thank you, Princess!
  4. We board tomorrow. Leave some booze on the ship!
  5. So, we have never tipped the head waiter/guy at the door. We tip our actual waiter at the table (guy who takes the orders) and his assistant (young man who lugs all of the food up).
  6. Exactly. We have been on many cruises, the service was good and on the first few we just tipped at the end. When I started to tip part of it at the start, the service level went way up. As it says "To INSURE" not "to hope". I am happy with our arrangements.
  7. This will start a firestorm...................I tip our headwaiter in the MDR on the first night, as well as his assistant. Matter of fact, I quietly give the assistant a $50 bill because I know it will be him who is lugging all of my selections up all of those stairs. I tend to try some of everything, and two of some things, so he has a lot of trays. Some will call it a bribe, I call it To Insure Prompt/Proper Service. Tip (s). I also tip our room steward a $50 bill when we first meet him and explain that my wife is on vacation and that I prefer to never have her hear the word "no". We have yet to ever be disappointed. Heading to the bank now to get some $50 bills............we sail Sunday.
  8. We sail out on Sunday in an inside cabin. We were just called by Princess and offered a complimentary upgrade to an outside cabin. Wonderful offer, but we have a scooter as part of our travel, so we are staying with the SADA inside cabin we booked. The upgrade fairy is working today though!
  9. 3 of us traveling to Alaska. Ports are Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria. One traveler has to use a mobility scooter. Looking for some excursions on our own to areas close-in to the ports. Obviously we can do walk-arounds in Ketchikan and Skagway, and the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau. What are some other things folks have done that didn't require expensive excursions through the cruise line? Thanks for any advice.
  10. Can you go to Burro Creek Lodge in Skagway on your own, or only through an excursion package?
  11. Can you do Burro Creek Lodge on your own, or only through an excursion through the ship? I cannot find a website for them.
  12. Loved following your journey. We board the Star next Sunday in Seattle.
  13. We leave next Sunday on the Star. Will be looking for these tasty treats! Thank you for posting!
  14. We sailed the original Regal in the Caribbean, 1992?
  15. It has been years since we sailed on Holland, but back then, Holland, IMHO, had both better food and better shows. The Holland cruises were also a tad more expensive. For us though, it came down to the vibe on the two lines. Loved the refined, better food and wonderful Broadway type shows on Holland, but it is an older crowd. For us, Princess fits our fun-loving lifestyle better and just seems "funner".
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