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  1. If its before final payment they reprice the cruise and you pay less. After final payment the difference is in OBC. I notice with Carnival all MAJOR price drops, Im talking 100's of $$, are posted AFTER final payment date. Sometimes the very next day. Not a coincidence I'm sure.
  2. All this is incorrect LOL Kids arent cheaper they are full fare 3yr olds are not free, kids of all ages are full fare You most certainly CAN have a fun and relaxing vacation with your kids, unless you have bad kids or don't like being around and sharing experiences with your kids in general. The kids clubs are there for a reason. The parents get a break and can have adult time, the kids love them and they are included in your fare
  3. Don't see cruising resuming anytime soon, definately not this summer, but, but, no pools, no parties, no crowds of people? I wouldn't even want to cruise. That's not my idea of fun and the rich can have it LOL. It would be a hoot to see Carnival and RC rebrand and attempt sell themselves as a Viking or Azamara. My broke self will instead be at the most "luxurious" all inclusive kid friendly resorts all over the world I can find LOL 🤣
  4. I dont see how they possibly turn over so fast now! It amazes me everytime I tearfully walk the plank leaving a cruise, gazing jealously at the people already lined up to board and steal the fun I just had, how they turn it over so fast! I was one of the last off of my cruise in January and it was almost 10am. Even having the rooms ready by 1pm just amazes me. I never see the amount of workers on board that it would take to turn it over that quickly. It's like they magically appear on disembarkation/embarkation day then scurry away and hide for the rest of the cruise.
  5. Yep me too. Now there's all these opt out options for religious, medical or even just personal reasons and its left up to each state to set their exemption laws, so unless the state requires it you can opt out. I live in CA and they just changed it a couple years ago to be absolutely required with medical reasons being the only exemption.
  6. Uh...no lets not be delusional. Muster will always be my least favorite part of cruising. 🤣
  7. Forced vaccines in order to cruise? They cant even force kids to be vaccinated in order to go to school LOL. I know cruising is completely voluntary but I wonder what the domino effect would be. That would be interesting and probably the start of some new standards across the board.
  8. I’ve been booked on the same cruise since November 2018. I’ll be shocked if it happens. If it does sail it’ll be the first cruise back for carnival and I’m not going to be the guneia pig in that ship LOL I’ll cancel if they don’t.
  9. Oh yeah I’m positive it’ll be canceled. That’s why it’s frustrating they won’t just cancel already. I want to get in line for my refund. The longer they take to cancel the longer it’s gonna take to get my money back.
  10. It's THROUGH June 26th not 27th. Big difference. I'm scheduled on Panorama on 6/27 and have been waiting for them to cancel. No way Im sailing that soon even if carnival does. I live in L.A., face masks are mandatory to enter businesses, schools are out for the rest of the year, stay at home order just got extended. This is no where near over. I want ALL my money back not tons of OBC on top of the tons of OBC I already have from price drops. I checked the website when I didnt have an email and so far its still on, can't believe I missed it by 1 day. Uuuuuggghhh just cancel alreadyy!
  11. All I know is it will be a sad sad day when I can't top my own Guy's Burger. 😟
  12. They know better. They have to say something to keep people booking so they can pay out all those refunds. It's like a big ponzi at this point.
  13. I'm booked on Panorama for June 27th. Final payment was 3/30 and I have until May 30ish to cancel, so I'm in your same boat. Your final payment date remains the same 4/14. You have until 5/27 to cancel and get FCC. Normally you would have a penalty to cancel after final payment and lose the penalty amount all together (30 days out is 50% then 75 then 100 as time goes on). Under the new cancellation guidelines, your cancellation fee basically is converted to a FCC so instead of you just losing the money all together, you have a FCC credit for the full amount you've paid. If your friend cancels prior to final payment date, OR does NOT PAY the final amount owed by the final payment date 4/14, they will incur the normal cancellation fees which is usually any non refundable deposit amount. FCC, OBC all that is being offered right now only applies to paid in full cruises. The normal rules still apply prior to final payment. Oh yeah and find another travel agent 🙂
  14. I've done OV, balcony and a suite ONCE on an upgrade but Im not a once you go balcony you can't go back person, my budget at the time decides. I usually do OV. I just did my first interior ever in January on a last minute cruise for my daughters birthday. I was pleasantly surprised and I liked it just fine. It was only myself and my 10yr old. I would do it again. That said: I DID miss having a window and would only do it again if it was, as it was in this case, 1) hundreds of dollars cheaper and was 2) a maximum of 5 days 3) and no more than 2 people. Also I would ONLY do it on Carnival as they have large interior staterooms and large rooms comparatively anyway. Our room was basically the same size as an OV just without the window.
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