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  1. We're leaving from Galveston on the Vista in April. I haven't had any luck finding a decently-priced and decently located hotel that offers a Cruise-and-Park option. Commodore on the Beach in Galveston is 1.5 miles from the port, which is great, and they said I can leave my vehicle in their lot as long as we've stayed at least one night at the hotel, but...the reviews on the place are quite rough. Just wondering if anyone here has stayed there before?
  2. We cruised out of NOLA last Summer, and we were able to find a hotel for a decent price (I'm thinking $130/nt) that offered a FREE shuttle to and from the cruise port, AND we were able to leave our vehicle at the hotel for all 5 nights for FREE. Anyone ever able to find a decently-priced hotel with a similar offer in Galveston? Thanks!
  3. Hello, and thanks in advance for any info! I'm looking for input from some of you that have possibly been on both of these ships? Thoughts on how they compare? Crowds/noise/entertainment, etc. I really appreciate it!
  4. So my family and I have taken three cruises before. We've done 4 nights, and all thought it was too short. Then we did 5 nights, and thought it was just about right. We're seeing some pretty good prices on the Vista for a SEVEN night cruise. I don't know, I just almost feel like that could be TOO long?? Has anyone done a 7 night cruise before and thought it was too much? I appreciate any input.
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