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  1. kevref22

    Jewelry Store

    Yes mevs904 thanks, I was looking for the specific name of the store. Ashland I have not been there since 2010 so I have no idea what the name was nor would I even know if I walked into the store. Thanks though. Hoping someone might be able to help.
  2. kevref22

    Jewelry Store

    Hi all, When we went on a cruise in 2010 we went into town from the Cruise Dock in St. Thomas and when we were in a large jewelry store where they served me a drink the staff mentioned they also had a discount jewelry store that was owned by the same owners. We went there and ended up buying my wife an Anniversary band. This year is our 20th Anniversary and I would like to return to the same store and get her another anniversary band. Can anyone possibly provide me with a store name and maybe even address? I know it's a long shot but I have to give it a shot. Thanks In Advance!!!
  3. kevref22

    Jewelry Stores

    My darling wife has just reminded me that the first store we went into recommended that we also check out their discount/clearance store which is actually where we bought the ring I got her and where she would like to go again. Can anyone tell me the name of a discount store owned by a bigger store? I know I am asking a lot but it was over 8 years ago and my wife is used to getting what she wants. Thanks in advance!!!
  4. kevref22

    Jewelry Stores

    We went to a very large store that offered adult beverages when we frst walked in. I wish I could remember the name of the store. Great service and good prices. Anyone know this store or is that the normal way to do business here?
  5. Hello, This is a pretty specific question regarding the Carnival WiFi. I am a hockey Referee In Chief and am sailing during late play-off season. We have our own website and our own email addresses through said website. There is a webmail version but I am am wondering if the middle package of wifi will allow me access as it isn't a conventional email provider? How can I find out as I can't be away from my email for more than a day at a time or things can go sadly wrong. Thanks in Advance!!!
  6. Hi everyone, I am thinking of a stay and park package out of Orlando in March 2019, but every hotel I look at the package includes 2 people shuttled to the Port. Does anyone know the charge for two extra people (on average)? I am starting to think I will stay a bit farther out and use a self park lot close by to save the hassle. Probably be quicker when I get back too. On that note, the Lots of Honor off site parking...anyone ever used them? Good service? Short waits for shuttles? Thanks in Advance!!!
  7. kevref22

    Request for 4 Top Table

    That is excellent information, thanks!!! I am guessing that less than a week before sailing would be the correct time to contact them? Thanks again!!!
  8. kevref22

    Request for 4 Top Table

    Our last Cruise was 8 years ago. I no longer have any idea who our PVP was/is. Thanks though. I didn't know they stuck with you. I will remember this for next time...
  9. kevref22

    Request for 4 Top Table

    The issue here is I don't have a PVP as I did the booking myself on line...
  10. Hello folks, We will be sailing on the Breeze, family of four. We want a 4 top as we prefer not to eat with folks we don't know. Last cruise we were a party of 6 and I asked our PVP about making the arrangements which he did. This time I made the booking on line so I am unsure how to request a 4 top in advance. I don't want to just show up and be disappointed the first night at dinner. Can anyone please diorest me on how to make said request? We have booked the Early Seating time and don't leave for 10 1/2 months so there is LOADS of time. Thanks in Advance!!!