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  1. We returned home from the cruise 2 weeks ago today 😢. The Mahogany Bay Cabana was worth every penny! It was beautiful! The main beach was extremely crowded...so having our own space really made the day. I would highly recommend that anyone going to Mahogany Bay who is looking forward to a day on the beach, splurge on this!
  2. I finally got it! 173 days out.The cabanas weren't up for rent earlier today so they must have just posted them within the past few hours.
  3. Thank you! I know I haven't missed it...I've been checking daily since we booked, which was a year out from our sail date. I think you may be right about them revamping it and possibly holding off on offering it. I'll keep checking! :cool:
  4. Well, 213 days until cruise, admittedly still a lot of time, but no cabana rental option has come up in the excursion offerings yet. I've been stalking the site several times a day, every day. I had heard that they usually go up for rent very early...am I wrong? Getting a little frustrated. If you've snagged one of them in the past, how far a head of your cruise did you get it? Just curious...I know they'll offer it eventually.
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