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  1. A little over a year ago our son bought us a gift card for my birthday to use on an upcoming cruise. I had told him in passing that we had bought Carnival stock so he bought us a $150.00 Carnival gift card. Needless to say the Princess people told us we were completely out of luck, Carnival said seeing as we had aa gift card maybe we should switch cruise lines. I decided to write to the grand pobah of Carnival who did not have the common courtesy to respond to my letter or subsequent e-mails. I then decided to try Jan CEO of Princess. In this case she had one of her minions call me to tell me I was completely ______ of luck! Superb customer service on both parts, especially the complete ignorance of Arnold Donald. At least Jan dispatched one of "her little people" to dismiss me. Gives you a nice warm feeling about customer responsiveness!!!!
  2. I truly appreciate all the help, in summary we have two separate cruises, Nov 20 - 30/19 on the Caribbean Princess for the Panama Canal and then an Inaugural Cruise on the Sky Princess Dec 1-4/19. Two separate and distinct cruises. I had the first cruise all loaded (after lots of work), when I added the second reservation number it said either invalid or linked to another cruise. Ocean Medallion now shows one cruise from Nov 20 to Dec 4/19. Truly it is enough to tick off the Good Humor Man!!!!
  3. Daniel and Jondfk, thanks so much. Yes we are on Caribbean Princess Nov 20 to 30 and then got an e-mail from our TA about the inaugural cruise of the Sky Princess from Dec 1 - 4 and grabbed that, so yes we leave one ship and then come back the next day and board the new ship. Again any assistance would be great, I would like to avail ourselves of expedited boarding etc.
  4. Thank you so much. It was driving me nuts. Obviously another instance where the system is far smarter than I am!!!
  5. Many thanks. I don't think I am Android I have an Apple phone. Anyway I went to My Journey and then realized I could scroll down and Add A Reservation showed up. I clicked and put in the new number. It then said I had put in an invalid number or one that had already been linked. I messed around a little and it now shows a cruise from Nov 20 to Dec 4 when in actual fact there are two cruises, Nov 20 to 30 and Dec 1 to 4. This technology stuff is going to drive me completely nuts. Any more assistance would be appreciated!!!!
  6. I know there have been endless posts around the whole Ocean Techie thing, however I have a simple (I think) question. Our TA contacted us yesterday and we jumped at the cruise. It leaves the day after we get back from another cruise. I finally have the first cruise all loaded up (or at least I think I do) however I can't seem to find any way to add the second cruise. Any of you folks who can help out an old tech illiterate type I would truly appreciate the assistance!!!
  7. We are on the Star Princess next week. Have not been on this ship. In looking at some pictures it would appear that the Calypso pool is covered. Is this correct? Also is the Calypso or any pool heated? Many thanks again!!
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