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  1. Great! Thanks for the list.
  2. Hi All, We're going on Breeze in a few weeks. What are some of the Dive in movies that have been showing lately on Carnival ships?
  3. I have been in Explorer and Oasis in RC. While we enjoyed both I can't say they were significantly better than my Carnival experiences. For example: I'm doing carnival Breeze this summer. Of course YMMV and things will vary greatly from cruise to cruise. I think Royal has better shows. Food can be hit or miss on both lines in the MDR. Chops on Royal is amazing but I haven't tried the steakhouse on Carnival yet. My daughter has enjoyed the kids club on both lines (she's 6). my big pet peeve with Royal is that I feel like they are pushing on board sales and upcharges much more aggressively than other lines I've been on. My bottom line opinion is Royal is a good line and worth a visit. Oasis class is a pretty cool experience ship-wise. Carnival is less costly overall for a similar vacation with perhaps a little lower quality entertainment.
  4. I work in Emergency Medicine so the subject of drugs of abuse comes up frequently in my day to day work. There are a few street drugs that can be found in pill form. Ecstasy is often distributed in pills in my area. Heroin can often be found in capsules not unlike Rx or OTC supplements. This makes for easy to transport single dose packs. Additionally, since legal prescription drugs such as opioids and benzodiazepines are so frequently abused, there is the question of diversion. If, for example, you have Percocet with you, the original prescription bottle can provide proof that it is yours are you are entitled to use the medication as directed. Granted, nobody is going to be stealing blood pressure medication for recreational purposes. However, the argument could be made that the security person searching bags can't tell what is and is not a potential drug of abuse by looking at a pill in a pill organizer. full disclosure: I pretty much always travel with my meds in a pill organizer too to save space. So far in the years since I have needed to travel with drugs no one has ever questioned me about it at a security screening point.
  5. Thanks for the replies all. As for service, my experience elsewhere has been that they will open the wine and store any unused portions. We've been able to have half a bottle one night and then next night the bottle is waiting for us at the table. Would this be reasonable to expect on Carnival?
  6. Does anyone have recent experience with being charged or not charged for corkage fees on Carnival? We're going on Breeze at the end of July this year. Last summer we cruised on Oasis of the Seas and were not charged a corkage fee in the MDR. I had read before we went on the RC forum that most waiters didn't charge the fee because they didn't get any of it anyway. Personally, I'd rather give my waiter an extra tip than pay the cruise line an extra fee for bringing my own wine. We always schedule the standard early dining so we have a consistent wait staff throughout the cruise.
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