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  1. Excuse the typo. We sail on 2/11. And it says Playa
  2. Greetings all. We sail on the Grand 2/14. I just logged onto Princess Personalizer and Grand Cayman has been removed from our itinerary and Playa Del Carmen substituted. Seems official to me.
  3. Ricebird

    Review of Grand Princess 1-21-06 (long)

    cristie - Thanks for the positive take on a rainy cruise! We sail on our firist cruise on 2/11 and appreciate your comments.
  4. Ricebird

    Live from the Grand! 1/28/06

    Thanks, tkbk! We're sailing in two weeks. How was the Champagne Reception arranged? Have a great week!
  5. Ricebird

    Review of Grand 1/14 from first time cruiser

    Thanks so much, Karen! We are taking our first cruise on 2/11 and your review is very helpful.
  6. Ricebird

    Grand Princess Review 1/14/2006

    Thanks, Snoozeman! We sail in three weeks and your review will be very helpful.
  7. Ricebird

    Grand Princess Patters

    Thanks, Laura! I clicked on the pictures at Webshots and they stopped "auto resizing" - became much clearer.
  8. Ricebird

    Disappointment on Grand Princess?

    Rob, Thanks for making my Sunday! We sail on Feb. 11 and look forward to your "Live" thread.
  9. Ricebird

    LIVE from Grand Princess 01/07/06 Sailing

    All - As a first time cruiser - Grand Princess 2/11/06 - I am grateful to every poster on this thread, especially those on board this week. Thank you!
  10. Ricebird

    Almost Live from the Grand Princess

    Thanks, Z! The AOL album was easy to view and showed us a great deal about Roatan.
  11. Ricebird

    Review of Grand Princess WCB 12/10/05-12/17/05

    Katrina -- I really appreciate the day-by-day review. We are on the Grand's 2/11/06 sailing and your report will be very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to post.
  12. Ricebird

    Costa Maya Dec 26, 2005 Grand Princess

    Z - thanks so much for the Costa Maya pics. Very helpful for a couple of Arkie newbies.
  13. Ricebird

    Almost Live from the Grand Princess

    Z - Thanks from a newbie who will be sailing on the Grand next month. The pictures and the the commentary were great!