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  1. I bought a pair 3 years ago and was sceptical. I only got them because I could use most of my onboard spend to purchase th3m. They should have been £127. I have fallen arches and also osteoarthritis in my back. But.... I am still using th3m and have found they have really helped.
  2. Hello again. Do you know if they did daily solo meets at all?
  3. A great video and very useful. Am on this cruise soon and first time on this ship and an inside cabin. Thanks.
  4. I am on Oceana on 31st May. Anyone else?
  5. I will be doing my fourth cruise shortly on my own. Fred Olsen I found good for meetimg solo travellers of a similar age- 50s/60s. P&O not as organis3d really but do keep putting this on m6 feedback forms.Feedback here sounds as if you are all younger than that though.
  6. Hi all solo travellers. I have done 3 cruises with P& O but didn’t realise they had a table for solo travellers. Have any of you been on Oceana and on a singles table? Thanks.
  7. Hi Pauline. I am a coeliac and very much a cross contamination worrier. I have done two cruises s with P&O so have some experience. I can’t answer all your questions but can tell you what I did. I ate in the MDR nearly all the time. Did eat salads etc in the buffet once or twice. I just made a decision not to eat anywhere else to avoid chances of mistakes. Had afternoon tea in the MDR one afternoon that needed to be ordered previous day. One tip about bacon at breakfast. Ask for it to be done fresh in the kitchen with usual precautions obviously because the bacon on self serve is sometimes drained on or near bread!!!!! Also had desserts from the buffet but they were kept in a special cabinet at the back on their own.
  8. I will be visiting three places on the Dalmatian coast so advice on how much currency to take please. Krona?
  9. I am a Coeliac which is an auto immune disease. It’s not an allergy or an intolerance so I sincerely hope they will continue the pre ordering system for me.
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