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  1. SCLGFam2008

    Anyone else?

    Leaving Saturday on Sunshine?
  2. SCLGFam2008

    which power strip do you use?

    got one. my coworker had a three way plug he is letting me use :)
  3. Knowing there is only 1 outlet in each cabin and having phones/ipads to charge I was wondering which is the best? Any recommendations would be great. Leaving in 4 days!
  4. SCLGFam2008

    Barcelo Day Pass

    Going to be sailing into Aruba in about 10 days!!! Will be traveling with 8 children aged 11-5 (no they are not all mine). Was thinking of purchasing the Barcelo Day Pass in Aruba. Thoughts on this? i.e. price vs. value of actual day/resort, kid environment, is there taxi service included if not what is the cost. Or do you feel it is better to just stay local to the port/beaches nearby there? The other cool thing about this is my husband and I stayed there for our honeymoon when it was still the Occidental. Ironically we always said maybe for our 10 year we'd go back to Aruba....well we'll be celebrating our 10 year in October. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it!
  5. SCLGFam2008

    Prepay gratuities online?

    you're awesome! Thank you SO MUCH. just did it! one less thing to worry about :)
  6. SCLGFam2008

    Prepay gratuities online?

    That's what i thought but i can't find it anywhere on my cruise manager page.....guess i'll have to call them Thank you!
  7. SCLGFam2008

    Prepay gratuities online?

    Can you do this online or do you have to do it over the phone? TYIA
  8. SCLGFam2008

    how do you secure it

    How do you secure your door decorations on the sunshine? The video's I've seen look like the doors are "wooden". we have banners that i was going to secure with suction cup hooks but am now thinking that won't work. thoughts/ideas?
  9. SCLGFam2008

    On the Sunshine

    my family TOO. Can't wait!
  10. SCLGFam2008

    What to do in Bonaire.....if anything

    Going to be sailing in 23 days with 13 other people. Will have 8 children age ranged from 5yo to 11yo. I've noticed alot of people like to do the Klein Beach; however, i can't see spending that kind of money to go to a beach with no amenities, food or drink service. So, what else is there to do in Bonaire without breaking the bank - if anything? Would it be wiser to spend the day on the ship and take advantage of less crowds? But then again, pool is closed when in port as are bars etc. - correct? Thanks
  11. SCLGFam2008

    How many days until your next Carnival Cruise?

    29 days :) CAN'T WAIT! we booked 2 years ago and can finally see the light! :)
  12. What Caitlyn said!...never heard of it before.
  13. SCLGFam2008

    Drink Pricing

    Thank you. This is helpful. :)
  14. SCLGFam2008

    Drink Pricing

    Good Morning: So my husband and I decided not to do the drink package this time as we will be traveling with our children and didn't think we'd get to take full advantage of it. That being said, we are typically beer drinkers but like something different on the occasion. Does anyone know what the pricing is of beers, frozen cocktails etc? Just trying to budget. TYIA. :)
  15. SCLGFam2008

    Cruise Lanyard

    I was torn between the lanyard and also like a little wallet type thing with a "key ring" kind of like a little id case. Big enough for my license/cash but can always have my S&S with me. The whole lanyard thing is new to me since i've last cruised. I thank you all for your input it's very helpful.