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  1. thanks! I think the categories is where I get confused.....I want to book a concierge inside family stateroom on the Joy....I don't even know that there would be an upgrade on that! Thanks for all the info on applying cruisenext!
  2. Hello! is there any benefit to booking your next cruise while you're on the ship? I plan to buy cruisenext deposits already, but are there other benefits? or is it just the same if I book with my travel agent? Also, do you have to have the cruisenext deposits when you do initial booking? or just before final payment is due? Situation: Will be on cruise at the end of February, will buy cruisenext deposits then. Looking to book cruise in January 2021--should I just book it now and then apply deposits later? Book while on the ship? Or get the deposits and book later? Thanks t
  3. Thank you! we really don't know yet what we want to do--just trying to find something fairly economical. We will have to fly from Fargo, ND, so air tickets are also going to be a challenge. I'm working with asking a TA for options, but thought I'd start with this forum. It's sounding like we will likely end up going in early January to make it somewhat affordable. Kids are 15 - boy 11 - girl 8 - boy..... so, not the same gender, and with the older 2 being opposite, they aren't exactly into "sharing" things. LOL. If there are recommendations on cruises t
  4. no itinerary yet....just starting to toss around the ideas. I'm not so set on intinerary--it'll be the kids' first cruise--just want to get them on the boat!
  5. My hubby and I have cruised NCL 4 times and we love it. We're thinking about taking the kids with on a cruise next year (probably over Christmas break sometime). What room do we need to book for 5 of us? It's hubby and I, kids are 15, 11, 7. How do you get the best deal booking this? Wait for a 3rd and 4th guest promo? Do I need to book a suite since we have 5 people? Hubby and I usually stay in a mini-suite, and with 2 of us, I've never had to put thought into where 5 people would sleep. Thanks for your help!
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