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  1. dwsterrett

    Poas Volcano Tours

    Thank you!
  2. dwsterrett

    Poas Volcano Tours

    Hi and thanks for your reply. Poas Volcano NP is currently closed due to volcanic activity. We are planing a cruise for March of next year. We will stop at Puerta Caldera (Puntarenas) for a day and would like to visit Poas Volcano NP if it is open. I am trying to find out if there are tours to the volcano and so far have not found any. Regards, Doug
  3. dwsterrett

    Poas Volcano Tours

    Are there tours available from Puerta Caldera (Puntarenas) Costa Rica to the Poas Volcano?
  4. dwsterrett

    Poas Volcano Excursion

    Are excursions available to Poas volcano from Puerta Caldera (Puntarenas) Costa Rica? We will be arriving by Holland America ms Volendam.
  5. dwsterrett

    Huatulco - what is best excursion (not beach)

    https://www.huatulcotoursenrique.com/ This website won't load. Is there another way to contact Enrique?
  6. dwsterrett

    Excursion to Iximche

    We will be stopping at Puerta Quetzal on the Holland America MS Volendam and are curious about the excursion to the Iximche ruins. Does anyone have any information or opinions about this tour?
  7. What's the skinny on this? Would like to hear opinions on either of these options. We are going on a 15 day Holland America Panama canal cruise that will stop in Cartagena, Columbia, Puerta Caldera (Puntarenas) Costa Rica, Corinto, Nicaragua, Puerto Quetzal, Guatamala, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Holland America is offering us a 10% discount if we book our shore excursions through them by March 15.