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  1. Thanks for the response with such up to date information. Thats disappointing but I was hoping for recent experiences so thanks for the heads up!
  2. Thanks for the heads up, MUTS would be awesome! My team is your team and seems like were slotted for TBS over the weekend. Either way knowing theres a chance and seeing the different locations to check has helped the anxiety a lot!
  3. My wife and I are super excited to be sailing on the Caribbean Princess next week and our favorite college team is playing in the sweet 16. I was wondering if anyone who has been on the Princess line in the past week or from past experiences remember NCAA March Madness games being broadcast anywhere on the ship? We're getting the Medallion Internet and prepared to watch on the app if necessary but would love to have somewhere to watch on a big screen with everyone else? Thanks for any help
  4. Thanks for the great review! I'll be boarding on the 30th and was wondering if you could elaborate on the shortened itinerary due to propulsion issues part at the top of your post? Was the time spent at each port of call shortened?
  5. Awesome that was what I was hoping to hear but wanted to confirm the details before making a final decision.
  6. Thanks for the first hand information. Was the ship noticeably slower or were your port times/ itineraries affected at all?
  7. I am looking forward to trying out Princess at some point and the Caribbean Princess in March 2019 is really appealing. The Ship itself looks perfect for our cruising style and I have read as much information as I can find on the propulsion issues. I was wondering for those who have cruised on the Caribbean Princess in the past couple months if the propulsion issue impacted travel times, particularly in the Western Caribbean. For instance are itineraries and port times cut short in order to stay on schedule? From the itinerary it looks as if the ship will only be in some ports for 6-7 hours. I was wondering if Princess alters port times like leaving early or arriving later due to the propulsion issue and lower cruising speeds? Also along those lines is the propulsion issue noticeable at all while onboard, like more vibration or extra motion than normally experienced on a cruise. Super excited either way, just looking for clarification on those details. Thanks, any help or feedback is appreciated!
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