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  1. Is you tour a group one or private? Ours was private (ie just our family) and for that reason the lunch aspect was more ad hoc . The tour itself was amazing, we felt like VIPs
  2. We had a private tour with TJ. On the 1st day we went to Stolle pies, on the 2nd day we just ate in the hermitage cafe to save time, so really nothing special .
  3. Book a private tour. It’s an amazing city , and you will gain so much insight from a private tour, and it’s easier with kids. We loved our guide so much I almost cried when we had to say goodbye. It was really unforgettable and worth the splurge
  4. We are going on a med cruise, next summer. We don’t care much about a balcony, the one time we had one we didn’t use it much. i can’t really find any other good sized cabins without going up to a suite. We have a teen and tween so need some space. The cabin descriptions of the other ocean view and spacious ocean view seem to have just a pullout couch in addition to the main bed and we really need at least 1 bunk, so the kids don’t have to share. Maybe I’m wrong in thinking that but the descriptions are very vague
  5. I think I’m mostly wondering why they are so inexpensive when so large, is there’s some catch, something not good?
  6. Anyone? I am kind of baffled I can’t find any reviews I'm slightly skeptical because the cabins are very large but relatively inexpensive. They seem to be in the very front, is that a bad location? We’ve always been more mid on ships I think. But I like the layout as my kids can have their own beds etc
  7. Hello, i cant seem to find any reviews of this type of cabin, they are in the front of the ship, has anyone stayed in one? thanks!
  8. Personally I had no qualms tipping this amount for our private tour guide as she was so great, and I doubt she makes much money. We went with the suggested amounts
  9. We just bought ours there. Our hotel sold them it turned out so it was easy
  10. Napogx, fair enough, I just feel it’s a dubiousand disingenuous way to market. I’m sure it’s hard to compete against the big guys
  11. pretty sure that’s a fake endorsement
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