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    Retired Coastie

    Thank you! Nice to hear from some one that understands what my husband’s experience. Thank you for your input; gives me an idea what I can tell my husband....
  2. Trust me, I

    First Timer with diet Restrictions

    Thank you all for your input! I would just have to have her come along and be resigned to easing salads the whole time under way.
  3. I am planning to cruise with my husband, 24 year old daughter and 20 year old son. My daughter is not vegan, but she is Vegetarian, so for those that aren't sure of the difference, she will eat dairy products and eggs. I am looking at NCL and Celebrity mostly. He problem is that so many places have only salads as options and then so many of the salads have meat on them. Any ideas on which cruise lines may have a better selection of food for her without having to pay extra for the specialty restaurants...
  4. Trust me, I

    Retired Coastie

    Spent 21 years in the Coast Guard; husband is sure he would hate cruising after all those years on ships. Not ever having been in their sleeping quarters on the 378's, when he was a MK chief, have no idea what I am up against. Any retirees that have cruised that can give me some input?
  5. Trust me, I

    Balcony vs Inside Room?

    hoping to get my husband on his first "Cruise" soon. How large are the windows in cabins without balconies? I can't do an inside room; my husband spent 21 years in the Coast Guard, getting him on a ship will be hard enough with out a room that is closed in. I have only been on a small boat off the San. Fran. coast whale watching and got sea sick; where should I book a cabin and are there cabins in that area with just windows?
  6. Any suggestions on cruise lines? I want to go to the Southern Caribbean; St. Lucia, Dominica, etc. Not sure how much my husband and son would like sitting at poolside. But the idea of the huge boats is a bit intimidating for a first time and the crowds...