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    RCCL website

    Yup - same problem here. I received an email stating my cruise docs were ready, went to the site to print them off and had problems. Ran into problems multiple days this week so I called them today. Person on the other end was pretty much useless, although they did inadvertently get me to a place where I was able to save the pdf cruise docs. For a company that is as large as RCI their website should be better.
  2. Really enjoyed reading the review. Cant wait for February 2014 to get here. :)
  3. Loving the review so far. Thanks for taking time to share your adventures with others. My wife and I are going next year and enjoy reading about other peoples adventures. Looking forward to the rest.
  4. lemming

    Allure-All Acess Tour

    Does the tour include bridge or only galley, backstage?
  5. lemming

    Renaissance Ft Lauderdale

    Thanks for the post and info. Considering this hotel for an upcoming cruise.
  6. Great pic, thanks for sharing!
  7. This definitely belongs in the Cruise Critic Hall of Fame! Looking forward to the rest. :D
  8. Thanks for posting, really enjoyed it. In Jamaica did you enjoy the horseback riding excursion? Was this through the cruise or was it privately booked? Thanks very much in advance. My wife and I are going on this cruise next year and are considering the horseback riding in Jamaica but haven't seen many recent reviews.
  9. Incredible review - thank you for taking time to do this. :D
  10. lemming

    Allure 1-6-13 with pictures

    Thanks for posting the review and pictures, looks great!
  11. lemming

    Pajamas at dinner?

    Interesting topic. I think PJ's to the MDR are not appropriate on most RCCL ships. PJ's to Windjammer - sure why not? It's interesting to see the replies from some people. People get offended over PJ's but the same people are not offended by other things that are equally less classy...
  12. A number of years ago when I cruised I remember Royal Caribbean offering an International Cheese tray as part of the dessert options. This was something I enjoyed quite a bit. My wife and I are going on a cruise in February, on Mariner. In searching around for main dining room menu's I haven't been able to tell if they still offer a cheese tray for dessert. I know its silly, but I'm just curious if anyone knows if thats something still offered?:o Thanks :D
  13. Hello, My wife and I are considering going on a carnival cruise next year. We've only sailed with Royal Caribbean in the past. I was not able to find anything on carnival's site, but may have missed it. Do they have a program similar to the Crown and Anchor program from Royal Caribbean? Thanks :) :)